Vape Dudes Liquid Review 

Vape Dudes is a company located out of  Dallas Texas. The company sent me 7 flavors to review that I got to pick. They have a large collection of flavors over 200 with different tiers, some made to order some presteeped. Prices range based on the tiers, but are a normal mid price range for premium liquids.

Let’s get some information about the company from their site. “Vape Dudes – Crafting The Best Vape Juice Since 2010creators of fine gourmet e Juice for use in electronic cigarettes. All of our vape juice is handcrafted by the Vape Dudes in our clean room in Dallas, Texas, USA with American-sourced materials. At Vape Dudes, we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and are committed to offering the very best quality e Juice on the market. Since we entered the e Liquid industry back in 2010, our focus has always been on the customer. We believe the freedom to choose is what people deserve in a vape shop.”

Bottle: 15ml, 30ml, 60ml, 100ml

Nicotine: 0 mg – 24mg

Ratio:  Max VG, 50/50, 30/70, 60/40, 70/30

Flavor 1 Abide 
“We believe this flavor transcends a simple custard flavor…the smell? Oh my. The taste? Not overly complicated, yet tough to describe”

The first flavor I’ll be testing is Abide. This flavor came recommended from the company. Smelling this flavor it smells amazing. It’s a beautiful standard custard flavor that has nice creamy notes to it. It’s not overly sweet to where it wouldn’t be an all day vape. I could see adding this to a couple of my fruit flavors to get a nice blend. It tastes wonderful. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 2 El Unicorno 

“Flavor Profile: Plump, ripe strawberries blended with rich cream and subtle custard notes in this eJuice. Topped off with a touch of whip cream and crumbles of graham cracker bringing out the perfect balance of sweet and savory”

The second flavor I’ll be testing is El Unicorno. Odd name, but based on the description sounds like a delicious vape. If I could write one word it would be WOW. This flavor is great! You get a beautiful blend of fruit, cream, a small amount of graham cracker. This flavor is clearly an all day vape. It’s so rich with flavor but not overpowering in anyway. I feel like I’m eating some sort of wonderful dessert when I’m vaping this and it keeps you wanting more. It’s a great profile and the description is spot on. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 3 Barvarin Cream

“The creamy flavor that started it all. This simple, yet delicious eJuice can be enjoyed by itself or mix with one of your favorite selections.”

Flavor three I’ll be testing is Barvarin cream. In the description it says you can choose to add it to another flavor of your choice. That’s a bonus if you already have a good Blueberry you could mix some in and have a nice mix on your hand. To me this flavor is very similar to “Abide” the first flavor I tested. Your getting a nice creamy taste that isn’t overly sweet, it’s just right. I wish I had more to say, for me I would just this to add to fruits and make a nice personal blend. I’ll rate this a 8/10

Flavor 4 Strawberry Lemonade 

“For those that love Lemonade with a little bit of Strawberry, this is the flavor. Our Lemonade vape mixed with Strawberry.”

The forth flavor I’ll be testing is strawberry lemonade. I personally enjoy these vapes and use them as all day vapes. To me a good lemonade vape is perfect for a hot summer day. Once again description is spot on. On inhale your getting a lovely lemonade followed by a little bit of strawberry. The strawberry lingers in your mouth and it’s amazing. The mixture is sweet/tart and just perfect. Another great flavor from vape dudes I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 5 NGR Drink

“For those who love the flavor of energy drinks way beyond just drinking them!”

The fifth flavor I’ll be testing is NRG Drink. If you follow me you know I’m all about energy drinks and fruit vapes. Let’s check this one out. This is a nice rendition of a energy drink. I would say it’s more of a general flavor than equal to a certain brand. It has the sweetness and slight tartness that is well known from energy drinks. I’ll rate this a 8/10 all day vape, only personal con is I wish it was stronger. I’m very picky with energy drinks though.

Flavor 6 Banana Cream

“This flavor tastes just like the name says. Smooth banana and cream”

The sixth flavor I’ll be testing in Bananna Cream. I picked this flavor to be able to compare to others I have and others I will review. This is great flavor! The banana is the star and shines the brightness, but you still get a nice creamy finish. I would have liked the cream to be equal or more sweet, but that’s picking this apart. If you love banana or banana and cream vapes this is for you! I’ll rate this a 7/10

Flavor 7 Raspberry Lemonade

“Refresh yourself with delightful blend of sweet raspberry juice and fresh lemonade”

The seven flavor and last flavor is Raspberry lemonade. I personally enjoy these vapes as I said with the strawberry lemonade earlier. I wanted to try both to see how each flavor performed since these are all day vapes for me and many companies offer them. This is very similar to the strawberry a little more tart. I love it and can’t get enough! I’ll rate this a 9/10

Final thoughts

The vape dudes have an amazing operation going on. Over 200 flavors to choose from you will find plenty of all day vapes! As I said in the beginning you have a lot of choices based on tier flavor ratios. This is a one stop shop, you could just order everything liquid wise you want, they have anything you can think of! It was tough to choose the 7 I wanted, I made sure I got some new I would like, some new to review to fully test the company. I’m extremely glad Vape dudes chose me to review. They have great customer service and my package was here before I knew it. You guys need to check out their site and order! 

Robert Vaughn 8/10/16


Twitter @vapedudes

Instagram @vape_dudes 

Facebook @vapedudes

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O’neills Smooth Juice Liquid Review

Let’s start with some company information. O’neills Smooth Juice is located in Florida. O’neills Smooth Juice prides itself on their liquids being created with no water or alcohol added and only the finest and natural ingredients are used. All Liquids are made with 100% USA ingredients.

15ml $9.00

30ml $13.50

nicotine: 0mg,3mg and 6mg

Raito:Max VG

Flavor 1 Cinnamon Bun

“This yummy breakfast pastry is a sweet combination of cinnamon and sugar with royal frosting glazing the top. This is a great morning or anytime vape!!!”

Alright let’s get to vaping! First flavor is cinnamon bun. This flavor is very interesting. I like cinnabuns and honeybuns, they have to be made just right or easily burnt. While vaping this flavor you get the pleasant cinnabun taste. You get the pastry, the cinnamon and the lovely frosting. One thing I want to add is I’m getting a slight honey taste as well which fits right in. This flavor is a beautiful mesh of a profile. It’s not overly sweet at all. In my opinion it’s just perfect. It leaves a nice after taste in your mouth. Personally I couldn’t vape this all day, not that it’s lacking in flavor or too strong. I’m just stuck on certain flavors for all day vapes. This flavor would go great with your morning coffee/breakfast or after dinner dessert. They nailed the description! I’ll rate this a 8/10

Flavor 2 Raspberry

“This cloud intense vape is a drippers dream. The Raspberry is so sweet and literally mouth watering with a nice finish. Raspberry Savage Sauce will be your next go to for daily vaping”

The second flavor is Raspberry. I love fruit vapes, they are the best in my opinion. Right now all my everyday vapes are fruits or mixes. This is a perfect example here. Many fruits vapes tend to be too sweet for the average vaper. This flavor your getting the berries but in a more natural form. They’re not overly sweet or overly tart, they are just right. I love this vape, it’s hard to put down. This is a perfect example of an all day fruit vape. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 3 Blueberry Muffin

“Oh My!!! A blueberry muffin that you don’t actually have to eat? This vape tastes like the real thing. Sweet and delectable…why ask for seconds when you can have the whole bottle!!!”

Mmm I love blueberry muffins and banana nut muffins. This favor is wonderful it tastes just like a fresh blueberry muffin from your local bakery. It’s loaded with flavor, you get the blueberry, muffin and a slight sweetness to this flavor. For me this would be an all day vape. I know some people don’t like desserts for all day vapes which I understand, but it’s really good! Would be perfect for your morning coffee or after dinner dessert. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 4 Melon Melody 

“A subtle blend of Apple and Watermelon to delight your senses. This vape is great for those fruit lovers and sweet tooths alike.”

The forth flavor I’ll be testing is another fruit! Yes! Melon melody vaped and tasted amazing. This favor is a mesh of apples and watermelon. If your a fruit lover this is an all day vape without a doubt, even if you aren’t check it out the flavor is stunning! I’ve personally never had this profile before, but it works and is wonderful. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Falvors 5 Fruit Tart

“The light fruity flavor coupled with a sweet and sour candy flavor is sure to please your senses. The delicious apple and pomegranate flavors complemented with a slightly sour candy flavor is one to die for.”

The final flavor I’ll be testing is fruit tart. I’m known to not like pomegranate, possibly the only fruit I dislike. I always like to put that disclaimer when I know it’s there. All my reviews are strictly my opinion. Alright enough of that lets vape. I actually love this flavor. The fruits mixed with the sourness is stunning. This is another flavor I haven’t put down. It’s like a mix of sweet tarts and jolly ranchers. I’ve become very fond of fruit and sour vapes. It’s like the best of both worlds. This is another all day vape and my flavorite out of the 5. I’ll rate this a 9/10.

Final thoughts 

Im very glad I got the chance to review these flavors. Oneils is providing amazing liquids with loads of flavor without unnecessary ingredients. The price is very fair in this market. All day vapes and 7 other flavors to choose from. People need to head on over and check them out!


Twitter @OneillsJuice

Facebook @OneillssmoothJuice

Instagram @OneillssmoothJuice

Robert Vaughn 8/8/16 

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Thirsty Coils Liquid part 2

Thirstycoils is a small company based in Kissimmee, Florida. I did a review on 2 flavors that you can see below last month. They sent me 4 more flavors to review. I’m still going to leave all the same company information incase someone misses the first review. “We have only been in business for two years and mainly deal with e-juice.Our company’s aim is to give our customers an unbeatable shopping experience when they shop with us.” All USA ingredients!

They have over 20 flavors!

They also offer sample packs!

Their liquids come in 30ml plastic clear bottles.

Price for a 30ml bottle is $15.99 

Nicotine levels 0-6mg

70vg/30pg normal line

Max VG frozen line 

Thirsty coils asked me to write the device I was testing with for better feedback. Reviewing their liquids I used my smok knight kit with helmet tank with a .6 Clapton coil at 40-60watts I had it at 60 but I’m getting better flavor at 45watts. I will be using the same as the last review.

Flavor 1 Toffee custard

I’ve been trying to get into various custards lately and opening my pallet to new flavors. This flavor caught my eye. I love toffee smells and tastes great. Thristy coils nailed this, not overly sweet, tastes and smells AMAZING! I don’t think I could call it an all day vape for me, this would be a special occasion dessert etc. either way the flavor is awesome. To some it could be an all day vape, but I really like fruits/drinks for all day vapes instead of powerful flavors profiles like this so I won’t get tired of it. I’ll rate this a 9/10.

Flavor 2 Blueberry donut 

To be honest this is my first donut flavor liquid. 😱 I love donuts in real life, just haven’t had an opportunity to try them in e-liquid form. This is my chance! Ive placed several different orders to compare and give reviews a fair playing field.lets vape! 😀 Wow this is amazing the blueberry pops with a nice semi sweet donut flavor. I can’t put this stuff down. This flavor I could all day vape it’s not super powerful but just right. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 3 +4 Frozen Raspberry lemonade and Watermelon lemonade max VG

I left these 2 flavors for last. I love fruity drinks and flavored lemonade is awesome on a hot summer day. I decided to be do this combined since they are similar just different fruits.  Im tasting strong menthol and not much of the other flavors.  It’s also Max VG and I think that’s allowing the menthol to be over powering. At higher watts from 60+ the menthol tones down and a better flavor profile starts to develop. The fruit and lemonade just aren’t able to hang with the menthol. It could also be my pallet I love menthol and maybe it’s just sticking out to me so much? Generally the menthol kicks in on the back side to “cool” the flavor. *UPDATE* The longer I’ve been vaping these 2 flavors at higher watts my pallet is getting used to the proper design, it’s still a strong menthol. The more I vape the better it tastes. This is something you need to realize with flavors they aren’t always what they seem up front and why I hold reviews for release. I think if your into a menthol flavor you would actually in enjoy these, but your pallet needs a break in period. This is a new line and this feedback will help them. I’ll rate these a 6/10 it’s not going to be fo everyone especially if you don’t care for menthol. I personally love menthol and wish it was on the backend softly with more fruit and lemonade up front. Max VG won’t allow lighter flavors to come through if you have a heavyweight like menthol on the fore front. Feedback allows companies to possibly make some changes to better the product. It’s also another reason why I review to help customers and companies.

Final thoughts 

Last review I reviewed 2 flavor which were great and both all day vapes! I’m extremely happy they sent more flavors. This time I got to review 4 more flavors, 2 new from the frozen line. They have an awesome selection, great liquid at a great price, great customer service. The frozen line may need some possible changing, but based on their regular line I’m sure it will be figured out or they will leave it once I got used to the taste it is wasn’t bad just lacking on the flavor profile. They shipped the new flavors here before I even knew it! I think reviewing 6 flavors now you can see for yourself that they are a great company! I really enjoy working with thirty coils. They care about their customers and their reviewers. Thanks again guys!

Robert Vaughn 8/5/16

Visit them at their website
Also on

Twitter @thirsrycoils

Instagram @thirsycoils


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Fog Stalkers E liquid Review

Fog Stalkers is a company located in Maryland. They’re a premium e liquid company. All of their ingredients are 100% pharmaceutical grade products made in the USA. Fog Stalkers sent me their 5 flavors for review. They arrived extremely fast. They tricked me I opened the package I thought the liquid was red. Turns out the bottles are just tinted red. The liquid is actually clear/slightly golden. You can purchase each of the 5 flavors from their website.

$15 30ml glass tinted red bottle with a child proof lid and dropper.

Nicotine: 0mg,3,6,12mg

Ratio: 50/50 or Max VG

Flavor 1 Pegasus Spit

With a Taste That Changes a Little With Every Hit, This Flavor is Just as Elusive as the Mythical Creature Itself.”
Let’s get to flavor 1 Pegasus spit.

The liquid smells amazing. On inhale and exhale you get a wonderful sweet mixed fruit flavor. The description is spot on the flavor changes with each vape or change to wattage it’s pretty amazing. It’s one of the best fruit flavors I ever tested or vaped. If you’ve been following my reviews you would know I’m in heaven right now. I could vape this none stop, it’s that good. I’ll rate this a 10/10 all day vape for sure.

Flavor 2 Obsessed 

A Complex and Rich Vanilla Custard That You’ll Love So Much, It Will Have To Be Yours… FOREVER!!

The 2nd flavor is obsessed. This flavor on inhale you get a wonderful custard taste. The custard is just right and not overpowering at all. Some I’ve vaped have been way too strong. On exhale your still getting the custard flavor with a hint of vanilla. This is a great perfect mesh of the 2 flavors, it’s mostly custard and it’s wonderful. I’ll rate this a 9/10 and an all day vape.

Flavor 3 watching 

This Orange Julius Treat Will Give You a Strange Feeling You Cant Explain, And Make The Hair On The Back Of Your Neck Stand Up.

Flavor 3 Watching. Let me start of saying tons of companies make this flavor. It’s a very hard for them to nail it or my standards are too high. I thought I would be getting another poorly done flavor, but I was WRONG. This flavor blew my mind. It’s the first time I’ve tasted a version that is perfect. I was honestly shocked it’s one of my favorite flavors. I’ve tried a lot of companies. This is the best version I’ve had. I could vape this all day everyday. The flavor is not overly sweet just simply amazing. I’ll rate this a 9/10 

Flavor 4 Rejected 

When Your Love Is Turned Down, You Are Likely To Dwell On How Bad You’re Feeling. Some Cake With Cream Cheese Icing Should Help.”

Flavor 4 is Rejected. To me this flavor tastes like a light cake batter with vanilla icing. I don’t taste the cream cheese, but it may just be my pallet. The vape overall is nice and light, nothing overpowering or overly sweet. Just a nice cake type of vape. To me this would be perfect for dessert. Some people may want this for an everyday vape and it’s good enough if your into that. For me it would be a once in awhile vape, not because it’s bad. The flavor is just not my cup of tea, or what I look for into an all day vape. I’m still going to rate this an 8/10, it’s a great vape that I’m sure many people would enjoy.

Flavor 5 Creeper

The Sweet, Cool Milk Lurking In The Bottom Of Your Cereal Bowl. Just Staring at You. Smirking”

Flavor 5 Creeper. I’m not a huge milk fan, if I do drink milk it’s chocolate. This is another flavor that blew my mind. I love cereal in real life, rarely do I drink the milk I’m weird like that. This flavor is 100% spot on. This flavor tastes exactly like the milk left over from cereal. I’ve drank the left over milk enough to know this flavor is perfect. Mind blown, you get the milk taste that’s a little sweet and wonderful. I thought I would have hated this, but it’s perfect. This is a great flavor and I don’t normally go for these kind of vapes. I do like cereal vapes, but never just had the milk at the bottom. You have to try this if your into it, it would be an all day vape for sure! I’ll rate this a 9/10

Final thoughts

Wow Fog stalkers has some amazing flavors. The descriptions are a 100% spot on. All day vapes from many categories. You guys need to try these flavors, your mind will be blown how great they truly are!

Website –

Twitter @FogStalkers1

Facebook @fogstalkers

Robert Vaughn 8/5/16

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Northland Vapor Company Liquid Review 

Northland Vapor Company is a company based out of Fargo,ND.They sent me a “flight pack” sample kit (5)30ml of their top 5 flavors to review. Let’s learn about Northland based off their site.


The company is offering liquids at great price, while using quality materials. They offer a variety of flavors, 10 to be exact.
Flight Sample pack top 5 flavors $24.99

Build your own sample pack $24.99

120ml $14.99

Ratio: 86vg

Nicotine: 0mg-24mg

Flavor 1 Nuts & Cream 

Smooth caramel and toasted hazelnuts combined with a sweet cream

Alright let’s start the testing flavor one Nuts and cream. On the inhale, you get the caramel and cream taste that’s pretty strong. On the exhale the hazelnuts just completely blow your mind. I think this flavor will work well with your morning  cup of coffee. You could also use this after dinner for a desert vape. As for all day I think it’s a little strong. Some others vapers may use this as an all day vape. It’s still a great flavor, but I look for smooth all day vapes personally. I’ll rate this a 8/10

Flavor 2 M3 

 “Moderately Minty Melon. A mix of watermelon, honeydew, and something special , with the slightest hint of cool.”

Flavor 2 I’ll test is a flavor called M3. Reading the description had me excited, I love fruit vapes with a slight cool menthol taste. This flavor is the best out of the line so far. The menthol coolness is not overpowering and just right. The melons hit your taste buds inside your mouth and it’s heaven. I’m seriously in love with this liquid and can’t put it down. It’s not too strong and not too weak, but just perfect. All day vape for sure. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 3 Loopies

Everyones favorite fruity, O-shaped breakfast cereal eaten right out of the box”

Flavor 3 I will test is called Loopies. It’s a smooth, very close to fruit loops taste. I feel your getting a little too much lemon in my opinion. You also get a small taste of milk with it. It could just be me and my pallet. I’m not huge on cereal flavors, even though I enjoy them in real life. I feel like this needs a few details to be switched/adjusted slightly for a better taste to match the profile better. I’ll rate this 6/10. Once again this is just my opinion, I’m completely honest in my reviews and if you love cereal vapes this could be an all day vape.

Flavor 4 Pink lemonade 

Thirst quenching, cool, and refreshing. Sure to be an instant #ADV!

Flavor 4 we will be looking at Pink lemonade. I love pink and other type of lemonade vapes. This flavor hits the mark. It’s a perfect mix that is extremely refreshing. It’s not too tart or overly potent, which makes this an all day vape for me. It makes for a nice tasty lemonade vape on a nice sunny hot day! I’ll rate this a 9/10.

Flavor 5 Jungle No4

A bright mix of tropical fruits.”
Let’s test flavor 5 called Jungle No. 4. On inhale I get all pineapple up front, with a nice smooth mixed fruit taste on the exhale. This flavor seems to shift in interesting ways. This is excellent description for this flavor, it’s a nice blend and has a wonderful flavor profile. Also it’s not labeling any certain flavor to focus on. I’ll rate this an 8/10 All day vape potential.

Final thoughts

Northland Company has some cheap prices with quality ingredients and great flavors. Definitely worth the money for the amount of liquid and flavor you get at a faction of cost. Your getting a premium product without having to pay for a premium named liquid. All day vapes, clearly they’ve met their company goal! People should be purchasing this more!

Contact them at

Facebook @Northlandvapor

Twitter @Northlandvapor

Robert Vaughn 8/3/16 

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Into The Fog Liquid Review

First impression WOW I just received this wonderful sample pack from Into the Fog. I’m completely shocked how well this product is packaged. I’ve never seen another sample kit close to this. Let’s get some information about the company.”This flavor is manufactured in the USA by Global Vapor Manufacturing (Global Vapor Supply LLC) using the finest E Liquid ingredients.E-Liquid is comprised of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Flavorings and may contain nicotine. With 80% VG, Into the Fog is a dripping liquid that produces maximum vapor clouds with a mellow throat hit. Our quality commitment – unlike other suppliers, Global Vapor Supply makes all our vaping e-liquids entirely from US made ingredients. The e-liquids are Kosher and made only from food grade ingredients.”

Sounds great to me the flavor profiles are nice. I’m expecting a decent Dense vapor since we’re talking about fog here .😀
Package is outstanding. The white and black bottles look great. The logo and information is fully clear. It’s the best sample kit “looks” wise that I’ve ever received.

Sample pack for $49.99(6 flavors)

Certain flavor you like,want to try, want more of you can order each.

15ml for $9.99

30ml for 17.99

Ratio: 20pg/80vg

Nicotine: 0mg,2mg,4mg

Flavor 1 Zero Visibility 

Get lost in this mesmerizing twist of ripe strawberries and subtle lime overtones from our Into the Fog line of vape e-liquids.”

Alright let’s fire up the dripper and get started! First flavor is Zero visibility. On inhale you get the a strong strawberry taste. On exhale some lime flavor hits you and than more strawberry. For a vape company with fog in its name clouds are nice and dense. For me this is an all day vape! I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 2 Night Mist

Sweet wild blueberries layered in creamy custard, finished with seductive hints of vanilla.”

Second flavor on the list is Night mist. Who doesn’t love a blue berry in a yogurt/custard type of flavor? In the real world I love berry yogurts. On inhale you get a slight blueberry flavor. On exhale you get a nice creamy yogurt/custard flavor. This mix is perfect not overly tart, not too sweet just right. This is an all day vape. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 3 Evening moon 

Ripe melons and cucumbers paired with zesty lemon-lime give way to this pleasantly refreshing flavor.”

Flavor 3 is evening moon. I love melon, cucumbers curious how the lime ties it in the end. Let’s find out, on inhale you get a pretty large dose of melon. On exhale is where you get cucumber flavor and a lemon/lime tart flavor. It’s a pretty weird mesh, but it’s not bad. I don’t think this would be an all day vape, maybe every now and than. I love fruity melon flavors and I’ve been shocked by the others I’ve tried with a tart ending and liked.  I’ll rate 7/10.

Flavor 4 Apparition

An irresistible mix of apples, strawberries and peaches woven together with an exotic touch of dragonfruit that is sure to ravish your palate.”

Flavor 4 is called Apparition. I’m extremely excited about this. I love exotic fruit vapes. This flavor on inhale is giving your taste buds a sweet strawberry flavor having a hard time tasting the apple over the strawberry. On exhale you get peach dragonfruit mix, I love this flavor. It’s a nice exotic fruit flavor that is an all day vape. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 5 Enchant

Vape the Rainbow” with this myriad of savory fruit flavors that collide to create a truly unique taste reminiscent of every candy lover’s dream
Flavor 5 is called Enchant. This is a pretty common flavor profile. Many companies have a skittles type flavor. Let’s try it out. On inhale and inhale you get that mix of fruit from skittles candy. It’s pretty sweet right up my alley to fill my sweet tooth void. I’ll rate this a 8/10 extremely close to an all day vape, but I feel like the sweetness would end up being overkill all day.

Flavor 6 Pure haze

An enticing blend of wild grape nectar delicately infused with lusciously fresh watermelons.”

Last flavor we are testing is called Pure haze. I love, watermelon and grapes. I have yet to try a profile of the 2 flavors together. On inhale you get a nice sweet grape flavor that’s wonderful. On exhale you get the watermelon hitting with more grape. Woah! I LOVE this. I’m going to rate this 9/10 all day vape for me hands down!

Final thoughts 

The liquid line Into the Fog was amazing for me. From the moment I got the package I was blown way. They have a beautiful box setup. Ive never seen another line/sample with this type of packaging. The company also included a letter from the owner. This company is for their customer 100%. The flavors were great, all day vapes. Their price of $50.00 is well worth it, for the liquid or to just show this off. Please contact them and order! You will not be disappointed.

Reach them their website


Twitter @GlobalVaporMfg

Facebook @globalvapor

Robert Vaughn 7/31/16

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