Tsunami Premium Quake 50w Box Mod Review

 As you can see this picture shows both mods Tsunami Premium has sent me for review. There will be 2 seperate yet similar reviews. This is the 2nd review for the Quake 50w Box Mod on the right. Your going to notice a very similar review the items are close, but yet different. As I said in the shock review writing about a device is nothing like a video, I honestly will have to invest in some equipment and change over if I continue to do hardware. There will be a ton of pictures, Tsunami Premium is an awesome company that I’m very happy to be working with. If you haven’t read my Shock mod and their liquid review please do it’s worth it!

Let’s start with device details and un-boxing.

Kit Includes:

1- Sub Ohm 2600mah 50watt Box Mod

1- Sub Ohm Tank with .5 coil installed

1- USB Charger cord with usb wall plug

1- Glass replacement 

1- Vape band

1- Ce4 adaptor 

1- Multi Purpose Tool

1- Extra Coil .5 coil

1- manual 

Box mod :
As I said in the Shock review this is a very light unit. Both mods surprised me with how extremely light they are. Mod with tank feels less than the nugget mod. To me that’s very attractive to a new user. The mod turns on with the standard clicking of the fire button 5 times. Very nice clean LED clear bright display. The color and finish is a beatiful smooth metallic finish, offered in 5 colors. Battery venting is different I would assume it’s through the usb port no obviouse holes for battery venting. Nice location for the USB port. The display will show you your current watts, current coil and Volts. When firing it shows seconds/puffcount. The button is nice and clicky and in a awesome location in my opinion. This mod allows you to control your watts as the Shock did not. This is a step above the Shock. 2600mah battery will last all day and charges quick. You can lock the device by holding both plus and minus buttons at the same time. This only locks the watts the device still fire. The device will power off when not in used after several minutes.


 The Sub-ohm 4ml tank that is included in this kit is a nice tank that breaks down to a few pieces when you need to change coils, clean. This is a bottom fill, I personally perfer topfill.  All machining is clean, it’s a 510 connection with an adjustable pin. It has a nice easy moving airflow adjustment on the bottom. Flavor out of the tank is nice and works flawlessly with the mod. The drip tip also included has air control as well. It’s a very nice tank similar to many on the current market.


You receive 2 coils with your kit you have a 0.5Ω ohm that is preinstalled and spare .5Ω ohm coils both of which use kanthal and organic cotton each coil has a mesh insert to help prevent spit back and are nicely marked. I had no issue changing the coils plenty of cotton to soak up liquid for no dry hits and great flavor and cloud production!

Note I am disabled and spend a lot of time in bed, it’s one of the reasons I write. I apologize for the poor quality.

Final thoughts:

Since I’ve been vaping for a few years I’m way beyond 50 watts. Don’t get me wrong I used both devices for a week and they worked perfectly. I Didn’t run into a leak or any issues. I vape multiple mods a day. I would be able to use these in rotation no problem. I feel this would be best suited just as the Shock for a beginner/or first upgrade from a vapers first device. Has everything you need minus liquid works and looks great. The kit brings out great flavor and decent clouds for 50watts you can control your airflow, could even do mouth to Lung if your just starting. The battery last a long time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this unit. I honestly really like both kits they are great looking, perform well, and zero issues.

Contact them:

Website: http://www.tsunamiecig.com

Twitter: @TsunamiPremiumV

Instagram: @tsunamipremiumvapor

Facebook: @tsunamipremiumvapor

Robert Vaughn 9/9/16

What are you waiting for GO get one!


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