Tsunami Premium Vapor Gourmet Liquid Review

Tsunami Premium Vapor sent me their full gourmet line to review. They also sent some goodies as well, very nice t-Shirt, hat and pen! Very nice to see when companies go out of their way to show they provide a great customer experience. Let’s look at a little about the company. 

“Tsunami Premium Vapor is a Brand Manufactured and Distributed by S & E Distributors Inc. Located in the city of Troy, Michigan S & E Distributors Inc. Was Founded in 2011 to fulfill the market demands for Premium Electronic cigarettes, the market needed a Premium Electronic Cigarette that stands out. Tsunami ® brand evolved to satisfy the customers need of an electronic cigarette that taste, feel like a real cigarette and to operate with ease. In 2012 Tsunami started their online shop a revolutionary E-Commerce site, ships directly From Tsunami’s Headquarters ) In the same year, Tsunami Launched 2 Models of the Rechargeable electronic cigarettes and E-Liquid. 6 colors to choose from multiple flavors and nicotine levels. Tsunami is working on multiple new items.”

Bottle size: 30ml glass bottle $19.99

Ratio: 70% VG 30% PG 

Nicotine: 0,3,6mg

Flavor 1: Tropical storm

“You will overwhelm your senses with this unique cloud of Vape. As you inhale the sweet blue raspberry flavor and exhale with a frozen taste of slushy.”

Alright let’s start with Tropical storm. A blue raspberry slushie is a favorite drink of mine on a hot summer day. So I decided this flavor would be a great starting point. While I’m vaping this I get a nice smooth classic blue raspberry taste. The flavor isn’t overly sweet and performs same on inhale and exhale. On the exhale I get a hint of coolness, but I’m not tasting a strong amount. With all reviews taste is subjective.  Either way It’s an extremely good flavor and very hard for me to put down. Clearly this would be an all day vape. I would rate this a 9/10 

Flavor 2: Passion Twist

“A subtle taste of bananas with a blast of blueberry flavor makes for a perfect combination. A truly refreshing and flavorful Vape makes for an awesome all day Vape.”

Flavor 2 Passion Twist. Reading this flavor profile has me intrigued, I can’t say I’ve vaped a profile similar to this before. The blueberries are the star here, the banana creates a nice mesh. This flavor is a smooth great tasting vape. Nothing is overpowering or overly sweet just a great smooth delicious flavor. As a fruit lover this would be an all day vape. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 3: Sweet clouds

“Rich in peach yogurt flavor with hints of graham cracker. A rush of peach flavor will get your taste buds going and a mild graham cracker taste will linger on your palate.”

Flavor 3 sweet clouds. WOW this is a peach lovers dream vape. The peach hits your tastes buds and acts like your eating a peach in real life. They’ve perfected the peach flavor and you still get a yogurt cream and a hint of graham cracker on the exhale. I’m blown away by this flavor. The peach is the star, not overpowering but it’s so rich in flavor. This is a perfect all day vape. So far I’m loving this line. I’ll rate this a 9/10.

Flavor 4: Rock Spring

“Ignite your senses as you walk through a citrus grove. The Vape will leave a refreshing smell of lemon zest in the air”

Flavor 4 Rock springs. This flavor gives you a wonderful citrus and lemon flavor. There’s no tartness it’s actually pretty sweet. I assumed reading the profile it would have some sort of sourness. This flavor is all sweetness and smells fanatic. This profile description is spot on. This flavor leaves your taste buds wanting more. This is a perfect all day vape especially on a hot summer day. This is definitely an all day vape and I’ll rate this 9/10

Flavor 5: Lava Flow

“Sweeten your mouth with a full-bodied cloud of a fluffy lemony creamy delight. The mix of lemon and creamy flavors will remind you of your favorite lemon pastry. The light sour tones will leave your taste buds on edge.”

Flavor 5 Lavaflow. It’s funny I picked 2 lemon flavors back to back. Let’s see if there’s a difference. With Lavaflow your getting that same great lemon flavor from Rock spring. Lavaflow is totally different though. This flavor brings out a nice feature of a creamy glazed pound cake with a little bit of tardiness. This flavor and all others I’ve reviewed so far are outstanding. Another all day vape, I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 6: Creamy Saragosa

“Leave a cloud of sweet delightful custard flavor in your mouth and take in the traces of butterscotch aroma. You will savor every drop of liquid just as you savor every scoop of your favorite pudding.”

Flavor 6 Creamy Saragosa. I’m iffy when it comes to custards, generally I find them on the strong side. This flavor is not on the strong side at all it’s very smooth. This flavor brings you a great custard taste with a nice touch of butterscotch. The flavor profile is spot on, nothing over powering or overly sweet it’s just right. I would say if your a custard lover this would be an all day vape. Me personally I use nice custards in the evening for a dessert vape. I’ll rate this a 8/10.

Flavor 7: Caribbean Wave

“Escape with this flavorful mix of fruits that will make you reminisce of your favorite tropical drink. A perfect blend of mango and pineapple flavors will bring the ocean to you along with a taste of summer.”

Flavor 7 Caribbean wave. If you’ve been following me you know I love fruit vapes. I use them as my all day vapes. This flavor is a bit different not what I expected. You get the pineapple and mango mix which is very smooth and tasteful. After you inhale right before you exhale there’s a taste I can’t describe. It’s still a wonderful flavor, but I wouldn’t put this under an all day vape. Since I’m a fruit lover I tend to judge them harshly. I’ll rate this a 7/10 only because of that mid vape taste.

Flavor 8: Delicious Tornado

“Start your morning off right with this fantastically, fun and fruity cereal taste. The creamy milky kick delivers one of the most enjoyable all day Vapes. So good that it will leave your taste buds delighted.”

Flavor 8 Delicious Tornado. I love cereal in real life and it’s growing on me in my vape world. This flavor is a nice blend of fruity cereal on inhale and on exhale you get the creamy milk. If I could pick one cereal its closest to, it would be fruity pebbles, in real life it’s one of my favorites. It blows my mind everytime I try these how spot on the milk is. This is another great flavor from this line. If your a cereal lover this would be an all day vape for you! I’ll rate this a 8/10.

Final Thoughts:

Honestly I’m blown away by this line. Almost every flavor was an all day vape. They come in a custom tube which is an awesome display. The price is extremely fair for the amazing flavors you getting. This is a line you need to go and pick up. It’s one of the best that I’ve reviewed. I’m always 100% honest in my reviews and this is really good stuff. You will not be disappointed in any way. 

Contact them:

Website: http://www.tsunamiecig.com

Facebook: @tsunamipremiumvapor

Twitter: @TsunamiPremiumV

Instagram: @tsunamipremiumvapor

Robert Vaughn 8/25/16

What are you waiting for go GET some!


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