The Demon Vaper Liquid Review

Demon vapers(Jay) sent me his 2 flavors because he wanted an opinion from someone in the US. He has had many rave reviews in the UK, but wanted an opinion from someone in the states. I’m extremely honored to be reviewing his 2 flavors from the UK. When he sends his samples he includes a detailed story of how it all started. I posted the letter for you all to read. I’m sure many of us can relate. Each flavor in the Demon Vaper range has been created from authentic recipes which are mixed with the finest concentrates to ensure a perfect flavoursome vape each time. They do not use machines or create large batches to ensure each bottle gets the TLC it deserves as its hand made.

Bottle size: 30ml £13.99/ $18.50

Nicotine: 0,3,6mg

Ratio: 70/30 high VG mix. 

Flavor 1 Lemon Lush

” Authentic vanilla sponge cake with a lemon cream filling followed by a glazed lemon icing on top.”

The first flavor out of the line I’ll be reviewing is Lemon Lush. Lately I’ve been surprised how many lemon flavors are on the market. Also how many have been added to profiles which make a dynamic effect. I personally don’t care for lemon in real life, but in vape form it’s simply amazing! It adds a whole new level to profiles. Ok let’s start with Lemon Lush, this flavor is stunning! On inhale you get a wonderful lemon taste that’s perfect. The flavor is a sweet but tart cake like flavor. On exhale the flavor continues to linger and has your tastebuds asking for more and more. To me it reminds me of a fresh Lemon cake from the local bakery that my wife loves. This is an easy all day vape. Right now it’s the best lemon flavor I’ve tasted. I wish I had more to say, but it’s simply just stunning. I’ll rate this a 10/10. This is only the second time a 10/10 has been given out on my reviews!

Flavor 2 Strawberries & Cream

“Succulent fresh strawberries in a thick Madagascan vanilla cream with a crumbled sugar biscuit base and a mouth-watering authentic cheesecake.”

The second and last flavor I’ll be reviewing is Strawberries & cream. This flavor is a classic and made by many. I love this flavor in real life and in vape form. Many companies don’t get the profile right in my opinion. So let’s begin on Strawberries & cream. On Inhale you get a strong punch of strawberries to your taste buds! You will also notice a sweet cream and graham base finish as well. This flavor isn’t overly sweet to where it would turn vapers away. A lot of people perfer to have vapes that aren’t extremely sweet. This profile is a perfect mixture of all the flavors that equal one amazing vape. Nothing overpowers the other it’s all equal. This is one of the top Strawberries & cream vapes I’ve had. This would be an all day vape for me without a doubt. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Final thoughts: 

The 2 flavors from The Demon vapers are outstanding and all day vapes. I’m hoping he will launch his other flavors he’s working on soon. I can’t wait to see what they are and would love to try them. If you have the chance you really need to get the pair he has out now. They are worth every penny! I love his personal touch with his packaging. You can tell every flavor has been perfected before being released, and he is striving for perfection.

For more information/contact:


Twitter @demonvaper

Robert Vaughn 8/25/16

What are you waiting for GO get some!


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