Cloudride C9 Liquid Review

Cloudride has sent me their c9 collection to review. Cloudride has two collections of e-liquids, the Classic Collection and the C9 Collection. C9 Collection offers very diverse and unique flavors profiles. A little bit I read about the company I felt should be included.

“We’re not just in this to sell vape juice, we’re in this to help people live longer, more fulfilling lives free from the shackles of big tobacco. Welcome to the new era of e-liquid. Created by chefs. Tested by scientists. Loved by vapers.”

Bottle size: 30ml glass $20 each flavor 

Nicotine: 0, 3, 6 and 12mg 

Ratio: 20/80 

Flavor 1: Share A Moya

“Mark Twain called cherimoya “the most delicious fruit known to man”, need we say more? What if it’s floating in a lake of Vienna cream with a little cookie crumble?”

Flavor 1 Share A Moya. I’m known as a fruit vape lover. Fruit vapes are what I pick for my all day vapes. I’m really loving this flavor. This flavor is filled with fruit and creaminess that I can’t resist. The flavor is so well blended I personally can’t figure the fruit out. This is an amazing fruit flavor that would be an all day vape for me. I’ll rate this a 9/10.

Flavor 2: Tabac Elope

“Cured Virginia and graham tobaccos rolled in fresh cantaloupe and finished with a tiny touch of butterscotch creates an unexpected vape sensation.” 

Flavor 2 Tabac Elope. Before I found vaping I was a smoker for 15 years. You would think vaping a tabacco flavor would be a normal taste for me. I personally dislike vaping tabacco. I haven’t found one that I could vape for a period of time. Ok enough about me lets vape! This flavor is very interesting. It has a lot going on. On inhale you get a suttle leafy tobacco flavor with melon and the hint of butterscotch mixed in. The vape is smooth start to finish. It’s a very different diverse flavor profile. I can see and taste what they are aiming for. Personally it’s just not for me. My only complaint and it’s my personal issue is the tabacco after taste. It is a good tabacco flavor. One that people who like tabbaco would thoroughly enjoy. I’ll rate this a 7/10 

Flavor 3: Perfect Piña

“A pair of perfectly ripe pineapple flavors blended with a creamy combination of orange, tangerine, and vanilla shisha will whisk you away to a tropical paradise.”

Flavor 3 Perfect piña. Mmm another fruit vape! This flavor is flat out awesome! Every fruit is smooth nothing is overpowering at all. The flavor is well belended and absolutely delicious. The creaminess is the cherry on the top for me. This flavor brings me right back to sitting at the beach bar on my early summer vacation. This is an all day vape for me. Personally my favorite from the line so far! I’ll rate this a 9/10.

Flavor 4: Smokey Oakey

“Aged oak wood tinged with smoke and sprinkled with brown sugar evokes warm memories of swapping stories around the campfire. The perfect complement to a glass of your favorite scotch.”

Flavor 4 Smokey Oakey. I will have to say this is one profile I wouldn’t ever image I’d be vaping. Not in a bad way this collection is very diverse and different. Let’s give it a go! This flavor has me kind of speechless. It’s a nice flavor that I would be able to all day vape. Describing it is extremely hard. On inhale you get a smokey/wood type of flavor with notes of brown sugar on exhale. The wood/smokey flavor is what I’m having trouble describing, it’s one of a kind. I wish I could compare it to something we’ve all vaped, but I honestly can’t. I’ll rate this a 7/10. Only because I’m not sure how many vapers would be into this profile. For me I could vape it all day no problem it’s smooth and different.

Flavor 5: Tale of Taro

“Falling right in the middle of earthy and sweet the taro root of SE Asia makes for a truly unique tasting vape juice. Combined with crème fraîche and a touch of strawberry this could be your new favorite.”

Flavor 5 Tale of Taro. Another very diverse description. Reading these most people would have zero idea what they are in for. Which I totally understand this is a premium gourmet line. So far everything has been great. This flavor is really good, one of my favorites out of this line. It’s sweet nothing overpowering and is blended extremely well. It has a bit of an earthy tone mid vape which isn’t bad at all and than the sweetness returns. It’s truly a remarkable flavor. This would be an all day vape for me. I’ll rate this a 9/10.

Flavor 6: Lovin’ Ylang: 

“Ylang ylang and vanilla married together with a dash of coconut and sweetness make this a taste you will not believe.”

Flavor 6 Lovin’ Yland the final flavor of the review. This is another profile that is on the diverse side. The descriptions sounds good. Let’s give this last one a go and wrap up the review. To me this flavor is coming off as a very light vanilla custard/dessert type taste. You also get nice notes of coconuts which create a very dynamic flavor. The flavor is very suttle and smooth, enough to enjoy all day. I feel this is flavor would satisfy a large number of vapers. I personally wish it was a little stronger not much just a little more. I’ll rate this a 8/10

Final thoughts:

This review has certainly been a ride. I now know why they named their company Cloudride. They have the most diverse and different flavor profiles I’ve seen from a vape company. After I read they were chefs I understood the idea behind the fancy descriptions a little more. Their flavors are great and they stand out from a large crowded vape community. I’m honored and enjoyed doing this review. I wouldn’t hesitant to recommend them to vapers for something different to try. Their presentation is top notch. The line comes in a beautiful round box with all the liquids inside with a nice menu describing all the flavors. This is a seriously premium gourmet line that is well worth the money.

Contact them at:


Instagram @cloudridevapor

Twitter @CloudrideVapor

Robert Vaughn 8/25/16

What are you waiting for go GET some!


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