The Juice Bombs E-Liquid Review

Juice Bomb E-liquid sent me 4 flavors for review. This will be my first official review and taste of a liquid from the U.K. I’m quiet curious to see if anything is different from what I’m used to with USA products. Let’s learn a little about the company.

 “We are firm believers that Ecigarettes could play a vital role in helping to reduce the health issues cigarette smoking can cause and our mission is to add a fun twist to the vaping world. We stock a wide range of eLiquid flavours, in several different nicotine strengths. Our eLiquids are made to the highest quality, are 60VG/40PG Ratio and we are one of the few companies that are manufactured in the UK. ”

10ml bottle £4.00/ ~$5

Whole line in a display box £29.99/~$39

Nicotine: 0,3,6 & 12mg

Ratio: 60/40

Flavor 1 Rocket

“The perfect blend of mango and pineapple.”

The first flavor I’m reviewing is Rocket. I’m pretty excited to be trying something from the UK. The profile of this vape is right up my alley. If your new or have been following you know I love fruit vapes! Ok I haven’t put this down since I started. 5ml gone already! It’s that good! The blend of mango and pineapple create a nice sweet/tart flavor that is amazing. This is an all day vape. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 2 Detonater

“This combination of juicy fruit will blow your mind! A Juice that will detonate your taste buds.”

The 2nd flavor I’m reviewing is Dentonater. Once again another fruit profile mmmm. 110% being honest which I always am, this is the best fruit vape I’ve tasted in my vaping life by far. The description is correct my mind is blown. This a strong vibrate mix of flavors thats extremely sweet. Some may think it’s too much but I’m in love with this!!! I can’t officially pick out what I’m tasteing its blended so well. It’s a company special secret blend. I’ll rate this a stunning 10/10 which is the first vape I’ve rated 10/10 ever!

Flavor 3 Bullet
“A strong blast of cherry with a cool menthol undertone”

The third flavor I’m reviewing is Bullet. By now you should know I love fruit vapes, I also love fruit with menthol. Some vapers dislike menthol because it’s generally strong. I like it plain or mixed. I’m vaping this I’m not getting a strong cherry flavor. To me it’s tasteing like a nice mix of the two flavors. With this profile my pallet is tasting more methol it’s the stronger flavor of the two. If I play with watts up and down it does change and you get a more cherry flavor, but menthol is still standing out. Overall it’s a good profile. I’ll rate this a 7/10 I think the cherry needs to be added some more in my personal opinion.

Flavor 4 The Bomb

Our signature Juice that leaves you wanting more and more. An explosion of fruity flavours with an ice cool after sensation. It really is The Bomb!”

The 4th and final flavor I’ll be reviewing is “The bomb”. To me like “Bullet” it’s a wonderful fruit and menthol mix. This flavor you’re getting more of a fruit mix over “bullet”. It’s an lovely vape. I prefer this flavor over “bullet” only because the fruit mix stands out more, your still getting the strong menthol, but I love it. I’ll rate this a 8.5/10.

Final thoughts: This line from what I tasted is simply stunning, if this is what UK liquid is like I’m moving ASAP. I wish I had the other flavors to try, but the 4 they sent were amazing. You guys really need to check them out. I hope in the future they move to larger bottles because you will be flying through this stuff at 10ml. 
Contact them at:



Twitter: @juice_bomb_

Instagram @juice_bomb_


Robert Vaughn 8/15/16 

What are you waiting for GO get some!! 


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