Vape Dudes Liquid Review 

Vape Dudes is a company located out of  Dallas Texas. The company sent me 7 flavors to review that I got to pick. They have a large collection of flavors over 200 with different tiers, some made to order some presteeped. Prices range based on the tiers, but are a normal mid price range for premium liquids.

Let’s get some information about the company from their site. “Vape Dudes – Crafting The Best Vape Juice Since 2010creators of fine gourmet e Juice for use in electronic cigarettes. All of our vape juice is handcrafted by the Vape Dudes in our clean room in Dallas, Texas, USA with American-sourced materials. At Vape Dudes, we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and are committed to offering the very best quality e Juice on the market. Since we entered the e Liquid industry back in 2010, our focus has always been on the customer. We believe the freedom to choose is what people deserve in a vape shop.”

Bottle: 15ml, 30ml, 60ml, 100ml

Nicotine: 0 mg – 24mg

Ratio:  Max VG, 50/50, 30/70, 60/40, 70/30

Flavor 1 Abide 
“We believe this flavor transcends a simple custard flavor…the smell? Oh my. The taste? Not overly complicated, yet tough to describe”

The first flavor I’ll be testing is Abide. This flavor came recommended from the company. Smelling this flavor it smells amazing. It’s a beautiful standard custard flavor that has nice creamy notes to it. It’s not overly sweet to where it wouldn’t be an all day vape. I could see adding this to a couple of my fruit flavors to get a nice blend. It tastes wonderful. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 2 El Unicorno 

“Flavor Profile: Plump, ripe strawberries blended with rich cream and subtle custard notes in this eJuice. Topped off with a touch of whip cream and crumbles of graham cracker bringing out the perfect balance of sweet and savory”

The second flavor I’ll be testing is El Unicorno. Odd name, but based on the description sounds like a delicious vape. If I could write one word it would be WOW. This flavor is great! You get a beautiful blend of fruit, cream, a small amount of graham cracker. This flavor is clearly an all day vape. It’s so rich with flavor but not overpowering in anyway. I feel like I’m eating some sort of wonderful dessert when I’m vaping this and it keeps you wanting more. It’s a great profile and the description is spot on. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 3 Barvarin Cream

“The creamy flavor that started it all. This simple, yet delicious eJuice can be enjoyed by itself or mix with one of your favorite selections.”

Flavor three I’ll be testing is Barvarin cream. In the description it says you can choose to add it to another flavor of your choice. That’s a bonus if you already have a good Blueberry you could mix some in and have a nice mix on your hand. To me this flavor is very similar to “Abide” the first flavor I tested. Your getting a nice creamy taste that isn’t overly sweet, it’s just right. I wish I had more to say, for me I would just this to add to fruits and make a nice personal blend. I’ll rate this a 8/10

Flavor 4 Strawberry Lemonade 

“For those that love Lemonade with a little bit of Strawberry, this is the flavor. Our Lemonade vape mixed with Strawberry.”

The forth flavor I’ll be testing is strawberry lemonade. I personally enjoy these vapes and use them as all day vapes. To me a good lemonade vape is perfect for a hot summer day. Once again description is spot on. On inhale your getting a lovely lemonade followed by a little bit of strawberry. The strawberry lingers in your mouth and it’s amazing. The mixture is sweet/tart and just perfect. Another great flavor from vape dudes I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 5 NGR Drink

“For those who love the flavor of energy drinks way beyond just drinking them!”

The fifth flavor I’ll be testing is NRG Drink. If you follow me you know I’m all about energy drinks and fruit vapes. Let’s check this one out. This is a nice rendition of a energy drink. I would say it’s more of a general flavor than equal to a certain brand. It has the sweetness and slight tartness that is well known from energy drinks. I’ll rate this a 8/10 all day vape, only personal con is I wish it was stronger. I’m very picky with energy drinks though.

Flavor 6 Banana Cream

“This flavor tastes just like the name says. Smooth banana and cream”

The sixth flavor I’ll be testing in Bananna Cream. I picked this flavor to be able to compare to others I have and others I will review. This is great flavor! The banana is the star and shines the brightness, but you still get a nice creamy finish. I would have liked the cream to be equal or more sweet, but that’s picking this apart. If you love banana or banana and cream vapes this is for you! I’ll rate this a 7/10

Flavor 7 Raspberry Lemonade

“Refresh yourself with delightful blend of sweet raspberry juice and fresh lemonade”

The seven flavor and last flavor is Raspberry lemonade. I personally enjoy these vapes as I said with the strawberry lemonade earlier. I wanted to try both to see how each flavor performed since these are all day vapes for me and many companies offer them. This is very similar to the strawberry a little more tart. I love it and can’t get enough! I’ll rate this a 9/10

Final thoughts

The vape dudes have an amazing operation going on. Over 200 flavors to choose from you will find plenty of all day vapes! As I said in the beginning you have a lot of choices based on tier flavor ratios. This is a one stop shop, you could just order everything liquid wise you want, they have anything you can think of! It was tough to choose the 7 I wanted, I made sure I got some new I would like, some new to review to fully test the company. I’m extremely glad Vape dudes chose me to review. They have great customer service and my package was here before I knew it. You guys need to check out their site and order! 

Robert Vaughn 8/10/16


Twitter @vapedudes

Instagram @vape_dudes 

Facebook @vapedudes

What are you waiting for GO get some!


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