Thirsty Coils Liquid part 2

Thirstycoils is a small company based in Kissimmee, Florida. I did a review on 2 flavors that you can see below last month. They sent me 4 more flavors to review. I’m still going to leave all the same company information incase someone misses the first review. “We have only been in business for two years and mainly deal with e-juice.Our company’s aim is to give our customers an unbeatable shopping experience when they shop with us.” All USA ingredients!

They have over 20 flavors!

They also offer sample packs!

Their liquids come in 30ml plastic clear bottles.

Price for a 30ml bottle is $15.99 

Nicotine levels 0-6mg

70vg/30pg normal line

Max VG frozen line 

Thirsty coils asked me to write the device I was testing with for better feedback. Reviewing their liquids I used my smok knight kit with helmet tank with a .6 Clapton coil at 40-60watts I had it at 60 but I’m getting better flavor at 45watts. I will be using the same as the last review.

Flavor 1 Toffee custard

I’ve been trying to get into various custards lately and opening my pallet to new flavors. This flavor caught my eye. I love toffee smells and tastes great. Thristy coils nailed this, not overly sweet, tastes and smells AMAZING! I don’t think I could call it an all day vape for me, this would be a special occasion dessert etc. either way the flavor is awesome. To some it could be an all day vape, but I really like fruits/drinks for all day vapes instead of powerful flavors profiles like this so I won’t get tired of it. I’ll rate this a 9/10.

Flavor 2 Blueberry donut 

To be honest this is my first donut flavor liquid. 😱 I love donuts in real life, just haven’t had an opportunity to try them in e-liquid form. This is my chance! Ive placed several different orders to compare and give reviews a fair playing field.lets vape! 😀 Wow this is amazing the blueberry pops with a nice semi sweet donut flavor. I can’t put this stuff down. This flavor I could all day vape it’s not super powerful but just right. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 3 +4 Frozen Raspberry lemonade and Watermelon lemonade max VG

I left these 2 flavors for last. I love fruity drinks and flavored lemonade is awesome on a hot summer day. I decided to be do this combined since they are similar just different fruits.  Im tasting strong menthol and not much of the other flavors.  It’s also Max VG and I think that’s allowing the menthol to be over powering. At higher watts from 60+ the menthol tones down and a better flavor profile starts to develop. The fruit and lemonade just aren’t able to hang with the menthol. It could also be my pallet I love menthol and maybe it’s just sticking out to me so much? Generally the menthol kicks in on the back side to “cool” the flavor. *UPDATE* The longer I’ve been vaping these 2 flavors at higher watts my pallet is getting used to the proper design, it’s still a strong menthol. The more I vape the better it tastes. This is something you need to realize with flavors they aren’t always what they seem up front and why I hold reviews for release. I think if your into a menthol flavor you would actually in enjoy these, but your pallet needs a break in period. This is a new line and this feedback will help them. I’ll rate these a 6/10 it’s not going to be fo everyone especially if you don’t care for menthol. I personally love menthol and wish it was on the backend softly with more fruit and lemonade up front. Max VG won’t allow lighter flavors to come through if you have a heavyweight like menthol on the fore front. Feedback allows companies to possibly make some changes to better the product. It’s also another reason why I review to help customers and companies.

Final thoughts 

Last review I reviewed 2 flavor which were great and both all day vapes! I’m extremely happy they sent more flavors. This time I got to review 4 more flavors, 2 new from the frozen line. They have an awesome selection, great liquid at a great price, great customer service. The frozen line may need some possible changing, but based on their regular line I’m sure it will be figured out or they will leave it once I got used to the taste it is wasn’t bad just lacking on the flavor profile. They shipped the new flavors here before I even knew it! I think reviewing 6 flavors now you can see for yourself that they are a great company! I really enjoy working with thirty coils. They care about their customers and their reviewers. Thanks again guys!

Robert Vaughn 8/5/16

Visit them at their website
Also on

Twitter @thirsrycoils

Instagram @thirsycoils


What are you waiting for GO get some!


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