Fog Stalkers E liquid Review

Fog Stalkers is a company located in Maryland. They’re a premium e liquid company. All of their ingredients are 100% pharmaceutical grade products made in the USA. Fog Stalkers sent me their 5 flavors for review. They arrived extremely fast. They tricked me I opened the package I thought the liquid was red. Turns out the bottles are just tinted red. The liquid is actually clear/slightly golden. You can purchase each of the 5 flavors from their website.

$15 30ml glass tinted red bottle with a child proof lid and dropper.

Nicotine: 0mg,3,6,12mg

Ratio: 50/50 or Max VG

Flavor 1 Pegasus Spit

With a Taste That Changes a Little With Every Hit, This Flavor is Just as Elusive as the Mythical Creature Itself.”
Let’s get to flavor 1 Pegasus spit.

The liquid smells amazing. On inhale and exhale you get a wonderful sweet mixed fruit flavor. The description is spot on the flavor changes with each vape or change to wattage it’s pretty amazing. It’s one of the best fruit flavors I ever tested or vaped. If you’ve been following my reviews you would know I’m in heaven right now. I could vape this none stop, it’s that good. I’ll rate this a 10/10 all day vape for sure.

Flavor 2 Obsessed 

A Complex and Rich Vanilla Custard That You’ll Love So Much, It Will Have To Be Yours… FOREVER!!

The 2nd flavor is obsessed. This flavor on inhale you get a wonderful custard taste. The custard is just right and not overpowering at all. Some I’ve vaped have been way too strong. On exhale your still getting the custard flavor with a hint of vanilla. This is a great perfect mesh of the 2 flavors, it’s mostly custard and it’s wonderful. I’ll rate this a 9/10 and an all day vape.

Flavor 3 watching 

This Orange Julius Treat Will Give You a Strange Feeling You Cant Explain, And Make The Hair On The Back Of Your Neck Stand Up.

Flavor 3 Watching. Let me start of saying tons of companies make this flavor. It’s a very hard for them to nail it or my standards are too high. I thought I would be getting another poorly done flavor, but I was WRONG. This flavor blew my mind. It’s the first time I’ve tasted a version that is perfect. I was honestly shocked it’s one of my favorite flavors. I’ve tried a lot of companies. This is the best version I’ve had. I could vape this all day everyday. The flavor is not overly sweet just simply amazing. I’ll rate this a 9/10 

Flavor 4 Rejected 

When Your Love Is Turned Down, You Are Likely To Dwell On How Bad You’re Feeling. Some Cake With Cream Cheese Icing Should Help.”

Flavor 4 is Rejected. To me this flavor tastes like a light cake batter with vanilla icing. I don’t taste the cream cheese, but it may just be my pallet. The vape overall is nice and light, nothing overpowering or overly sweet. Just a nice cake type of vape. To me this would be perfect for dessert. Some people may want this for an everyday vape and it’s good enough if your into that. For me it would be a once in awhile vape, not because it’s bad. The flavor is just not my cup of tea, or what I look for into an all day vape. I’m still going to rate this an 8/10, it’s a great vape that I’m sure many people would enjoy.

Flavor 5 Creeper

The Sweet, Cool Milk Lurking In The Bottom Of Your Cereal Bowl. Just Staring at You. Smirking”

Flavor 5 Creeper. I’m not a huge milk fan, if I do drink milk it’s chocolate. This is another flavor that blew my mind. I love cereal in real life, rarely do I drink the milk I’m weird like that. This flavor is 100% spot on. This flavor tastes exactly like the milk left over from cereal. I’ve drank the left over milk enough to know this flavor is perfect. Mind blown, you get the milk taste that’s a little sweet and wonderful. I thought I would have hated this, but it’s perfect. This is a great flavor and I don’t normally go for these kind of vapes. I do like cereal vapes, but never just had the milk at the bottom. You have to try this if your into it, it would be an all day vape for sure! I’ll rate this a 9/10

Final thoughts

Wow Fog stalkers has some amazing flavors. The descriptions are a 100% spot on. All day vapes from many categories. You guys need to try these flavors, your mind will be blown how great they truly are!

Website –

Twitter @FogStalkers1

Facebook @fogstalkers

Robert Vaughn 8/5/16

What are you waiting for GO get some!


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