Cloudride C9 Liquid Review

Cloudride has sent me their c9 collection to review. Cloudride has two collections of e-liquids, the Classic Collection and the C9 Collection. C9 Collection offers very diverse and unique flavors profiles. A little bit I read about the company I felt should be included.

“We’re not just in this to sell vape juice, we’re in this to help people live longer, more fulfilling lives free from the shackles of big tobacco. Welcome to the new era of e-liquid. Created by chefs. Tested by scientists. Loved by vapers.”

Bottle size: 30ml glass $20 each flavor 

Nicotine: 0, 3, 6 and 12mg 

Ratio: 20/80 

Flavor 1: Share A Moya

“Mark Twain called cherimoya “the most delicious fruit known to man”, need we say more? What if it’s floating in a lake of Vienna cream with a little cookie crumble?”

Flavor 1 Share A Moya. I’m known as a fruit vape lover. Fruit vapes are what I pick for my all day vapes. I’m really loving this flavor. This flavor is filled with fruit and creaminess that I can’t resist. The flavor is so well blended I personally can’t figure the fruit out. This is an amazing fruit flavor that would be an all day vape for me. I’ll rate this a 9/10.

Flavor 2: Tabac Elope

“Cured Virginia and graham tobaccos rolled in fresh cantaloupe and finished with a tiny touch of butterscotch creates an unexpected vape sensation.” 

Flavor 2 Tabac Elope. Before I found vaping I was a smoker for 15 years. You would think vaping a tabacco flavor would be a normal taste for me. I personally dislike vaping tabacco. I haven’t found one that I could vape for a period of time. Ok enough about me lets vape! This flavor is very interesting. It has a lot going on. On inhale you get a suttle leafy tobacco flavor with melon and the hint of butterscotch mixed in. The vape is smooth start to finish. It’s a very different diverse flavor profile. I can see and taste what they are aiming for. Personally it’s just not for me. My only complaint and it’s my personal issue is the tabacco after taste. It is a good tabacco flavor. One that people who like tabbaco would thoroughly enjoy. I’ll rate this a 7/10 

Flavor 3: Perfect Piña

“A pair of perfectly ripe pineapple flavors blended with a creamy combination of orange, tangerine, and vanilla shisha will whisk you away to a tropical paradise.”

Flavor 3 Perfect piña. Mmm another fruit vape! This flavor is flat out awesome! Every fruit is smooth nothing is overpowering at all. The flavor is well belended and absolutely delicious. The creaminess is the cherry on the top for me. This flavor brings me right back to sitting at the beach bar on my early summer vacation. This is an all day vape for me. Personally my favorite from the line so far! I’ll rate this a 9/10.

Flavor 4: Smokey Oakey

“Aged oak wood tinged with smoke and sprinkled with brown sugar evokes warm memories of swapping stories around the campfire. The perfect complement to a glass of your favorite scotch.”

Flavor 4 Smokey Oakey. I will have to say this is one profile I wouldn’t ever image I’d be vaping. Not in a bad way this collection is very diverse and different. Let’s give it a go! This flavor has me kind of speechless. It’s a nice flavor that I would be able to all day vape. Describing it is extremely hard. On inhale you get a smokey/wood type of flavor with notes of brown sugar on exhale. The wood/smokey flavor is what I’m having trouble describing, it’s one of a kind. I wish I could compare it to something we’ve all vaped, but I honestly can’t. I’ll rate this a 7/10. Only because I’m not sure how many vapers would be into this profile. For me I could vape it all day no problem it’s smooth and different.

Flavor 5: Tale of Taro

“Falling right in the middle of earthy and sweet the taro root of SE Asia makes for a truly unique tasting vape juice. Combined with crème fraîche and a touch of strawberry this could be your new favorite.”

Flavor 5 Tale of Taro. Another very diverse description. Reading these most people would have zero idea what they are in for. Which I totally understand this is a premium gourmet line. So far everything has been great. This flavor is really good, one of my favorites out of this line. It’s sweet nothing overpowering and is blended extremely well. It has a bit of an earthy tone mid vape which isn’t bad at all and than the sweetness returns. It’s truly a remarkable flavor. This would be an all day vape for me. I’ll rate this a 9/10.

Flavor 6: Lovin’ Ylang: 

“Ylang ylang and vanilla married together with a dash of coconut and sweetness make this a taste you will not believe.”

Flavor 6 Lovin’ Yland the final flavor of the review. This is another profile that is on the diverse side. The descriptions sounds good. Let’s give this last one a go and wrap up the review. To me this flavor is coming off as a very light vanilla custard/dessert type taste. You also get nice notes of coconuts which create a very dynamic flavor. The flavor is very suttle and smooth, enough to enjoy all day. I feel this is flavor would satisfy a large number of vapers. I personally wish it was a little stronger not much just a little more. I’ll rate this a 8/10

Final thoughts:

This review has certainly been a ride. I now know why they named their company Cloudride. They have the most diverse and different flavor profiles I’ve seen from a vape company. After I read they were chefs I understood the idea behind the fancy descriptions a little more. Their flavors are great and they stand out from a large crowded vape community. I’m honored and enjoyed doing this review. I wouldn’t hesitant to recommend them to vapers for something different to try. Their presentation is top notch. The line comes in a beautiful round box with all the liquids inside with a nice menu describing all the flavors. This is a seriously premium gourmet line that is well worth the money.

Contact them at:


Instagram @cloudridevapor

Twitter @CloudrideVapor

Robert Vaughn 8/25/16

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 Tsunami Premium Vapor Gourmet Liquid Review

Tsunami Premium Vapor sent me their full gourmet line to review. They also sent some goodies as well, very nice t-Shirt, hat and pen! Very nice to see when companies go out of their way to show they provide a great customer experience. Let’s look at a little about the company. 

“Tsunami Premium Vapor is a Brand Manufactured and Distributed by S & E Distributors Inc. Located in the city of Troy, Michigan S & E Distributors Inc. Was Founded in 2011 to fulfill the market demands for Premium Electronic cigarettes, the market needed a Premium Electronic Cigarette that stands out. Tsunami ® brand evolved to satisfy the customers need of an electronic cigarette that taste, feel like a real cigarette and to operate with ease. In 2012 Tsunami started their online shop a revolutionary E-Commerce site, ships directly From Tsunami’s Headquarters ) In the same year, Tsunami Launched 2 Models of the Rechargeable electronic cigarettes and E-Liquid. 6 colors to choose from multiple flavors and nicotine levels. Tsunami is working on multiple new items.”

Bottle size: 30ml glass bottle $19.99

Ratio: 70% VG 30% PG 

Nicotine: 0,3,6mg

Flavor 1: Tropical storm

“You will overwhelm your senses with this unique cloud of Vape. As you inhale the sweet blue raspberry flavor and exhale with a frozen taste of slushy.”

Alright let’s start with Tropical storm. A blue raspberry slushie is a favorite drink of mine on a hot summer day. So I decided this flavor would be a great starting point. While I’m vaping this I get a nice smooth classic blue raspberry taste. The flavor isn’t overly sweet and performs same on inhale and exhale. On the exhale I get a hint of coolness, but I’m not tasting a strong amount. With all reviews taste is subjective.  Either way It’s an extremely good flavor and very hard for me to put down. Clearly this would be an all day vape. I would rate this a 9/10 

Flavor 2: Passion Twist

“A subtle taste of bananas with a blast of blueberry flavor makes for a perfect combination. A truly refreshing and flavorful Vape makes for an awesome all day Vape.”

Flavor 2 Passion Twist. Reading this flavor profile has me intrigued, I can’t say I’ve vaped a profile similar to this before. The blueberries are the star here, the banana creates a nice mesh. This flavor is a smooth great tasting vape. Nothing is overpowering or overly sweet just a great smooth delicious flavor. As a fruit lover this would be an all day vape. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 3: Sweet clouds

“Rich in peach yogurt flavor with hints of graham cracker. A rush of peach flavor will get your taste buds going and a mild graham cracker taste will linger on your palate.”

Flavor 3 sweet clouds. WOW this is a peach lovers dream vape. The peach hits your tastes buds and acts like your eating a peach in real life. They’ve perfected the peach flavor and you still get a yogurt cream and a hint of graham cracker on the exhale. I’m blown away by this flavor. The peach is the star, not overpowering but it’s so rich in flavor. This is a perfect all day vape. So far I’m loving this line. I’ll rate this a 9/10.

Flavor 4: Rock Spring

“Ignite your senses as you walk through a citrus grove. The Vape will leave a refreshing smell of lemon zest in the air”

Flavor 4 Rock springs. This flavor gives you a wonderful citrus and lemon flavor. There’s no tartness it’s actually pretty sweet. I assumed reading the profile it would have some sort of sourness. This flavor is all sweetness and smells fanatic. This profile description is spot on. This flavor leaves your taste buds wanting more. This is a perfect all day vape especially on a hot summer day. This is definitely an all day vape and I’ll rate this 9/10

Flavor 5: Lava Flow

“Sweeten your mouth with a full-bodied cloud of a fluffy lemony creamy delight. The mix of lemon and creamy flavors will remind you of your favorite lemon pastry. The light sour tones will leave your taste buds on edge.”

Flavor 5 Lavaflow. It’s funny I picked 2 lemon flavors back to back. Let’s see if there’s a difference. With Lavaflow your getting that same great lemon flavor from Rock spring. Lavaflow is totally different though. This flavor brings out a nice feature of a creamy glazed pound cake with a little bit of tardiness. This flavor and all others I’ve reviewed so far are outstanding. Another all day vape, I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 6: Creamy Saragosa

“Leave a cloud of sweet delightful custard flavor in your mouth and take in the traces of butterscotch aroma. You will savor every drop of liquid just as you savor every scoop of your favorite pudding.”

Flavor 6 Creamy Saragosa. I’m iffy when it comes to custards, generally I find them on the strong side. This flavor is not on the strong side at all it’s very smooth. This flavor brings you a great custard taste with a nice touch of butterscotch. The flavor profile is spot on, nothing over powering or overly sweet it’s just right. I would say if your a custard lover this would be an all day vape. Me personally I use nice custards in the evening for a dessert vape. I’ll rate this a 8/10.

Flavor 7: Caribbean Wave

“Escape with this flavorful mix of fruits that will make you reminisce of your favorite tropical drink. A perfect blend of mango and pineapple flavors will bring the ocean to you along with a taste of summer.”

Flavor 7 Caribbean wave. If you’ve been following me you know I love fruit vapes. I use them as my all day vapes. This flavor is a bit different not what I expected. You get the pineapple and mango mix which is very smooth and tasteful. After you inhale right before you exhale there’s a taste I can’t describe. It’s still a wonderful flavor, but I wouldn’t put this under an all day vape. Since I’m a fruit lover I tend to judge them harshly. I’ll rate this a 7/10 only because of that mid vape taste.

Flavor 8: Delicious Tornado

“Start your morning off right with this fantastically, fun and fruity cereal taste. The creamy milky kick delivers one of the most enjoyable all day Vapes. So good that it will leave your taste buds delighted.”

Flavor 8 Delicious Tornado. I love cereal in real life and it’s growing on me in my vape world. This flavor is a nice blend of fruity cereal on inhale and on exhale you get the creamy milk. If I could pick one cereal its closest to, it would be fruity pebbles, in real life it’s one of my favorites. It blows my mind everytime I try these how spot on the milk is. This is another great flavor from this line. If your a cereal lover this would be an all day vape for you! I’ll rate this a 8/10.

Final Thoughts:

Honestly I’m blown away by this line. Almost every flavor was an all day vape. They come in a custom tube which is an awesome display. The price is extremely fair for the amazing flavors you getting. This is a line you need to go and pick up. It’s one of the best that I’ve reviewed. I’m always 100% honest in my reviews and this is really good stuff. You will not be disappointed in any way. 

Contact them:


Facebook: @tsunamipremiumvapor

Twitter: @TsunamiPremiumV

Instagram: @tsunamipremiumvapor

Robert Vaughn 8/25/16

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The Demon Vaper Liquid Review

Demon vapers(Jay) sent me his 2 flavors because he wanted an opinion from someone in the US. He has had many rave reviews in the UK, but wanted an opinion from someone in the states. I’m extremely honored to be reviewing his 2 flavors from the UK. When he sends his samples he includes a detailed story of how it all started. I posted the letter for you all to read. I’m sure many of us can relate. Each flavor in the Demon Vaper range has been created from authentic recipes which are mixed with the finest concentrates to ensure a perfect flavoursome vape each time. They do not use machines or create large batches to ensure each bottle gets the TLC it deserves as its hand made.

Bottle size: 30ml £13.99/ $18.50

Nicotine: 0,3,6mg

Ratio: 70/30 high VG mix. 

Flavor 1 Lemon Lush

” Authentic vanilla sponge cake with a lemon cream filling followed by a glazed lemon icing on top.”

The first flavor out of the line I’ll be reviewing is Lemon Lush. Lately I’ve been surprised how many lemon flavors are on the market. Also how many have been added to profiles which make a dynamic effect. I personally don’t care for lemon in real life, but in vape form it’s simply amazing! It adds a whole new level to profiles. Ok let’s start with Lemon Lush, this flavor is stunning! On inhale you get a wonderful lemon taste that’s perfect. The flavor is a sweet but tart cake like flavor. On exhale the flavor continues to linger and has your tastebuds asking for more and more. To me it reminds me of a fresh Lemon cake from the local bakery that my wife loves. This is an easy all day vape. Right now it’s the best lemon flavor I’ve tasted. I wish I had more to say, but it’s simply just stunning. I’ll rate this a 10/10. This is only the second time a 10/10 has been given out on my reviews!

Flavor 2 Strawberries & Cream

“Succulent fresh strawberries in a thick Madagascan vanilla cream with a crumbled sugar biscuit base and a mouth-watering authentic cheesecake.”

The second and last flavor I’ll be reviewing is Strawberries & cream. This flavor is a classic and made by many. I love this flavor in real life and in vape form. Many companies don’t get the profile right in my opinion. So let’s begin on Strawberries & cream. On Inhale you get a strong punch of strawberries to your taste buds! You will also notice a sweet cream and graham base finish as well. This flavor isn’t overly sweet to where it would turn vapers away. A lot of people perfer to have vapes that aren’t extremely sweet. This profile is a perfect mixture of all the flavors that equal one amazing vape. Nothing overpowers the other it’s all equal. This is one of the top Strawberries & cream vapes I’ve had. This would be an all day vape for me without a doubt. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Final thoughts: 

The 2 flavors from The Demon vapers are outstanding and all day vapes. I’m hoping he will launch his other flavors he’s working on soon. I can’t wait to see what they are and would love to try them. If you have the chance you really need to get the pair he has out now. They are worth every penny! I love his personal touch with his packaging. You can tell every flavor has been perfected before being released, and he is striving for perfection.

For more information/contact:


Twitter @demonvaper

Robert Vaughn 8/25/16

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The Juice Bombs E-Liquid Review

Juice Bomb E-liquid sent me 4 flavors for review. This will be my first official review and taste of a liquid from the U.K. I’m quiet curious to see if anything is different from what I’m used to with USA products. Let’s learn a little about the company.

 “We are firm believers that Ecigarettes could play a vital role in helping to reduce the health issues cigarette smoking can cause and our mission is to add a fun twist to the vaping world. We stock a wide range of eLiquid flavours, in several different nicotine strengths. Our eLiquids are made to the highest quality, are 60VG/40PG Ratio and we are one of the few companies that are manufactured in the UK. ”

10ml bottle £4.00/ ~$5

Whole line in a display box £29.99/~$39

Nicotine: 0,3,6 & 12mg

Ratio: 60/40

Flavor 1 Rocket

“The perfect blend of mango and pineapple.”

The first flavor I’m reviewing is Rocket. I’m pretty excited to be trying something from the UK. The profile of this vape is right up my alley. If your new or have been following you know I love fruit vapes! Ok I haven’t put this down since I started. 5ml gone already! It’s that good! The blend of mango and pineapple create a nice sweet/tart flavor that is amazing. This is an all day vape. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 2 Detonater

“This combination of juicy fruit will blow your mind! A Juice that will detonate your taste buds.”

The 2nd flavor I’m reviewing is Dentonater. Once again another fruit profile mmmm. 110% being honest which I always am, this is the best fruit vape I’ve tasted in my vaping life by far. The description is correct my mind is blown. This a strong vibrate mix of flavors thats extremely sweet. Some may think it’s too much but I’m in love with this!!! I can’t officially pick out what I’m tasteing its blended so well. It’s a company special secret blend. I’ll rate this a stunning 10/10 which is the first vape I’ve rated 10/10 ever!

Flavor 3 Bullet
“A strong blast of cherry with a cool menthol undertone”

The third flavor I’m reviewing is Bullet. By now you should know I love fruit vapes, I also love fruit with menthol. Some vapers dislike menthol because it’s generally strong. I like it plain or mixed. I’m vaping this I’m not getting a strong cherry flavor. To me it’s tasteing like a nice mix of the two flavors. With this profile my pallet is tasting more methol it’s the stronger flavor of the two. If I play with watts up and down it does change and you get a more cherry flavor, but menthol is still standing out. Overall it’s a good profile. I’ll rate this a 7/10 I think the cherry needs to be added some more in my personal opinion.

Flavor 4 The Bomb

Our signature Juice that leaves you wanting more and more. An explosion of fruity flavours with an ice cool after sensation. It really is The Bomb!”

The 4th and final flavor I’ll be reviewing is “The bomb”. To me like “Bullet” it’s a wonderful fruit and menthol mix. This flavor you’re getting more of a fruit mix over “bullet”. It’s an lovely vape. I prefer this flavor over “bullet” only because the fruit mix stands out more, your still getting the strong menthol, but I love it. I’ll rate this a 8.5/10.

Final thoughts: This line from what I tasted is simply stunning, if this is what UK liquid is like I’m moving ASAP. I wish I had the other flavors to try, but the 4 they sent were amazing. You guys really need to check them out. I hope in the future they move to larger bottles because you will be flying through this stuff at 10ml. 
Contact them at:



Twitter: @juice_bomb_

Instagram @juice_bomb_


Robert Vaughn 8/15/16 

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Beast Coast Vapors Review

Beast coast vapors sent me 5 flavors from their line to review with some vape bands as a surprise bonus! Let’s learn a little about the company.

Beast Coast Vapors is a Massachusetts based E-Juice company. Each batch is meticulously handcrafted. Small batches ensure maximum quality and consistency. Our goal is to provide you with premium ejuice without the premium cost. As well as offering smokers a safer and tastier alternative to cigarettes. We strive to use the best ingredients available. Our juice is always mixed with the purest nicotine on the market. Each bottle is “steeped”, or aged, to ensure the flavor has reached its maximum potential before reaching your hands.”

Bottle size: 30ml $10  120ml $35

Nicotine: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Ratio: Max VG

Flavor 1 Beast Berry Crunch 

“This “delight”ful cream filled doughnut-hole flavor tastes like it’s covered in dry, crunchy, berry flavored cereal bits.”

The first flavor I’ll be reviewing is Beast Berry Crunch. On inhale you get a wonderful mix of pastry with a very life like Berry cereal flavor with beatiful creamy notes. This is a perfect blend of flavors. All day vape material especially if your into cereal vapes. It’s one of the best I’ve personally had. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 2 Milk Money

“A few scoops of powdered chocolate drop into a tall glass of milk; Milk Money pays homage to a classic favorite, chocolate milk just like Mom used to make!”

The second flavor I’ll be reviewing is Milk Money. Wow the smell of this flavor is amazing. This taste exactly like hot coco/glass of chocolate milk. I’m not one to be a milk lover besides chocolate milk. Chocolate milk is a weakness I love the taste so much. This is my first time having a review on a chocolate milk flavor. It’s so good I don’t want to move on to the rest. All day vape for sure if your  a chocolate milk lover. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 3 Beast Coast Custard

“Beast Coast Custard (aka Creme Brulee) is our take on a classic eliquid flavor; vanilla custard! We’ve blended the most rich vanillas, savory custards, and sweet caramels to bring you a well balanced all day vape!”

The third flavor I’ll be reviewing is Beast Coast Custard. This flavor is one of the strongest I’ve tasted out of the rest. It’s not overpowering at all. I’ve found most custards are just a strong flavor in general. This is a home run! When vaping you get a custard flavor with hints of caramel. It’s a very rich and delicious flavor. Personally custards tend not to be all day vapes for me, but if you enjoy them you will love this. For me this vape would be a perfect dessert vape for after dinner. I’ll rate this a 8/10

Flavor 4 Banana Hammock

“A delicious, soft, cake-like banana bread blended with chopped walnuts and a hint of cinnamon sugar crust.”

The fourth flavor I’ll be reviewing is Banana Hammock. This flavor is a rendition of a lovely banana bread/cake. You gets the classic banana and nuts with a very light taste of cinnamon to seal the vape. It’s a nice vape overal. Mostly with theses profiles the banana stands out too much.  Nothing is overpowering on the flavor everything hits you so smooth. It’s a great flavor profile. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 5 Overdew

“Sugar-coated melon-flavored candy rings! “Overdew” is one of those flavors you just can’t put down!”

The fifth and final flavor I’ll be reviewing is Overdew. This flavor tastes just like the candy rings minus the sugar coat. I’m a stickler for fruit based vapes though. I tend to judge them harshly because of my sugar tooth. To me this is a great flavor I just would like it sweeter. I’m 100% honest in my reviews and opinions. It could be my pallet is so used to sweet liquids I can’t gauge the proper level as well. None the less this is still a great vape. Many will enjoy this no doubt. Most vapers don’t care for overly sweet fruit. I would give this a try no matter what. I’ll rate this a 8/10.

Final Thoughts
Beast Coast Vapor has some amazing flavors going on. They offer even more on their website. The 5 flavors I reviewed were great and all day vapes. Top notch liquids at very reasonable prices. It’s a win win to order some Beast Coast Vapors.

Reach them here to place an order


Twitter: @BeastCoastVapor

Instagram: @BeastCoastVapor

Robert Vaughn 8/12/16

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Vape Dudes Liquid Review 

Vape Dudes is a company located out of  Dallas Texas. The company sent me 7 flavors to review that I got to pick. They have a large collection of flavors over 200 with different tiers, some made to order some presteeped. Prices range based on the tiers, but are a normal mid price range for premium liquids.

Let’s get some information about the company from their site. “Vape Dudes – Crafting The Best Vape Juice Since 2010creators of fine gourmet e Juice for use in electronic cigarettes. All of our vape juice is handcrafted by the Vape Dudes in our clean room in Dallas, Texas, USA with American-sourced materials. At Vape Dudes, we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and are committed to offering the very best quality e Juice on the market. Since we entered the e Liquid industry back in 2010, our focus has always been on the customer. We believe the freedom to choose is what people deserve in a vape shop.”

Bottle: 15ml, 30ml, 60ml, 100ml

Nicotine: 0 mg – 24mg

Ratio:  Max VG, 50/50, 30/70, 60/40, 70/30

Flavor 1 Abide 
“We believe this flavor transcends a simple custard flavor…the smell? Oh my. The taste? Not overly complicated, yet tough to describe”

The first flavor I’ll be testing is Abide. This flavor came recommended from the company. Smelling this flavor it smells amazing. It’s a beautiful standard custard flavor that has nice creamy notes to it. It’s not overly sweet to where it wouldn’t be an all day vape. I could see adding this to a couple of my fruit flavors to get a nice blend. It tastes wonderful. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 2 El Unicorno 

“Flavor Profile: Plump, ripe strawberries blended with rich cream and subtle custard notes in this eJuice. Topped off with a touch of whip cream and crumbles of graham cracker bringing out the perfect balance of sweet and savory”

The second flavor I’ll be testing is El Unicorno. Odd name, but based on the description sounds like a delicious vape. If I could write one word it would be WOW. This flavor is great! You get a beautiful blend of fruit, cream, a small amount of graham cracker. This flavor is clearly an all day vape. It’s so rich with flavor but not overpowering in anyway. I feel like I’m eating some sort of wonderful dessert when I’m vaping this and it keeps you wanting more. It’s a great profile and the description is spot on. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 3 Barvarin Cream

“The creamy flavor that started it all. This simple, yet delicious eJuice can be enjoyed by itself or mix with one of your favorite selections.”

Flavor three I’ll be testing is Barvarin cream. In the description it says you can choose to add it to another flavor of your choice. That’s a bonus if you already have a good Blueberry you could mix some in and have a nice mix on your hand. To me this flavor is very similar to “Abide” the first flavor I tested. Your getting a nice creamy taste that isn’t overly sweet, it’s just right. I wish I had more to say, for me I would just this to add to fruits and make a nice personal blend. I’ll rate this a 8/10

Flavor 4 Strawberry Lemonade 

“For those that love Lemonade with a little bit of Strawberry, this is the flavor. Our Lemonade vape mixed with Strawberry.”

The forth flavor I’ll be testing is strawberry lemonade. I personally enjoy these vapes and use them as all day vapes. To me a good lemonade vape is perfect for a hot summer day. Once again description is spot on. On inhale your getting a lovely lemonade followed by a little bit of strawberry. The strawberry lingers in your mouth and it’s amazing. The mixture is sweet/tart and just perfect. Another great flavor from vape dudes I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 5 NGR Drink

“For those who love the flavor of energy drinks way beyond just drinking them!”

The fifth flavor I’ll be testing is NRG Drink. If you follow me you know I’m all about energy drinks and fruit vapes. Let’s check this one out. This is a nice rendition of a energy drink. I would say it’s more of a general flavor than equal to a certain brand. It has the sweetness and slight tartness that is well known from energy drinks. I’ll rate this a 8/10 all day vape, only personal con is I wish it was stronger. I’m very picky with energy drinks though.

Flavor 6 Banana Cream

“This flavor tastes just like the name says. Smooth banana and cream”

The sixth flavor I’ll be testing in Bananna Cream. I picked this flavor to be able to compare to others I have and others I will review. This is great flavor! The banana is the star and shines the brightness, but you still get a nice creamy finish. I would have liked the cream to be equal or more sweet, but that’s picking this apart. If you love banana or banana and cream vapes this is for you! I’ll rate this a 7/10

Flavor 7 Raspberry Lemonade

“Refresh yourself with delightful blend of sweet raspberry juice and fresh lemonade”

The seven flavor and last flavor is Raspberry lemonade. I personally enjoy these vapes as I said with the strawberry lemonade earlier. I wanted to try both to see how each flavor performed since these are all day vapes for me and many companies offer them. This is very similar to the strawberry a little more tart. I love it and can’t get enough! I’ll rate this a 9/10

Final thoughts

The vape dudes have an amazing operation going on. Over 200 flavors to choose from you will find plenty of all day vapes! As I said in the beginning you have a lot of choices based on tier flavor ratios. This is a one stop shop, you could just order everything liquid wise you want, they have anything you can think of! It was tough to choose the 7 I wanted, I made sure I got some new I would like, some new to review to fully test the company. I’m extremely glad Vape dudes chose me to review. They have great customer service and my package was here before I knew it. You guys need to check out their site and order! 

Robert Vaughn 8/10/16


Twitter @vapedudes

Instagram @vape_dudes 

Facebook @vapedudes

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O’neills Smooth Juice Liquid Review

Let’s start with some company information. O’neills Smooth Juice is located in Florida. O’neills Smooth Juice prides itself on their liquids being created with no water or alcohol added and only the finest and natural ingredients are used. All Liquids are made with 100% USA ingredients.

15ml $9.00

30ml $13.50

nicotine: 0mg,3mg and 6mg

Raito:Max VG

Flavor 1 Cinnamon Bun

“This yummy breakfast pastry is a sweet combination of cinnamon and sugar with royal frosting glazing the top. This is a great morning or anytime vape!!!”

Alright let’s get to vaping! First flavor is cinnamon bun. This flavor is very interesting. I like cinnabuns and honeybuns, they have to be made just right or easily burnt. While vaping this flavor you get the pleasant cinnabun taste. You get the pastry, the cinnamon and the lovely frosting. One thing I want to add is I’m getting a slight honey taste as well which fits right in. This flavor is a beautiful mesh of a profile. It’s not overly sweet at all. In my opinion it’s just perfect. It leaves a nice after taste in your mouth. Personally I couldn’t vape this all day, not that it’s lacking in flavor or too strong. I’m just stuck on certain flavors for all day vapes. This flavor would go great with your morning coffee/breakfast or after dinner dessert. They nailed the description! I’ll rate this a 8/10

Flavor 2 Raspberry

“This cloud intense vape is a drippers dream. The Raspberry is so sweet and literally mouth watering with a nice finish. Raspberry Savage Sauce will be your next go to for daily vaping”

The second flavor is Raspberry. I love fruit vapes, they are the best in my opinion. Right now all my everyday vapes are fruits or mixes. This is a perfect example here. Many fruits vapes tend to be too sweet for the average vaper. This flavor your getting the berries but in a more natural form. They’re not overly sweet or overly tart, they are just right. I love this vape, it’s hard to put down. This is a perfect example of an all day fruit vape. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 3 Blueberry Muffin

“Oh My!!! A blueberry muffin that you don’t actually have to eat? This vape tastes like the real thing. Sweet and delectable…why ask for seconds when you can have the whole bottle!!!”

Mmm I love blueberry muffins and banana nut muffins. This favor is wonderful it tastes just like a fresh blueberry muffin from your local bakery. It’s loaded with flavor, you get the blueberry, muffin and a slight sweetness to this flavor. For me this would be an all day vape. I know some people don’t like desserts for all day vapes which I understand, but it’s really good! Would be perfect for your morning coffee or after dinner dessert. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 4 Melon Melody 

“A subtle blend of Apple and Watermelon to delight your senses. This vape is great for those fruit lovers and sweet tooths alike.”

The forth flavor I’ll be testing is another fruit! Yes! Melon melody vaped and tasted amazing. This favor is a mesh of apples and watermelon. If your a fruit lover this is an all day vape without a doubt, even if you aren’t check it out the flavor is stunning! I’ve personally never had this profile before, but it works and is wonderful. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Falvors 5 Fruit Tart

“The light fruity flavor coupled with a sweet and sour candy flavor is sure to please your senses. The delicious apple and pomegranate flavors complemented with a slightly sour candy flavor is one to die for.”

The final flavor I’ll be testing is fruit tart. I’m known to not like pomegranate, possibly the only fruit I dislike. I always like to put that disclaimer when I know it’s there. All my reviews are strictly my opinion. Alright enough of that lets vape. I actually love this flavor. The fruits mixed with the sourness is stunning. This is another flavor I haven’t put down. It’s like a mix of sweet tarts and jolly ranchers. I’ve become very fond of fruit and sour vapes. It’s like the best of both worlds. This is another all day vape and my flavorite out of the 5. I’ll rate this a 9/10.

Final thoughts 

Im very glad I got the chance to review these flavors. Oneils is providing amazing liquids with loads of flavor without unnecessary ingredients. The price is very fair in this market. All day vapes and 7 other flavors to choose from. People need to head on over and check them out!


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Robert Vaughn 8/8/16 

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