Into The Fog Liquid Review

First impression WOW I just received this wonderful sample pack from Into the Fog. I’m completely shocked how well this product is packaged. I’ve never seen another sample kit close to this. Let’s get some information about the company.”This flavor is manufactured in the USA by Global Vapor Manufacturing (Global Vapor Supply LLC) using the finest E Liquid ingredients.E-Liquid is comprised of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Flavorings and may contain nicotine. With 80% VG, Into the Fog is a dripping liquid that produces maximum vapor clouds with a mellow throat hit. Our quality commitment – unlike other suppliers, Global Vapor Supply makes all our vaping e-liquids entirely from US made ingredients. The e-liquids are Kosher and made only from food grade ingredients.”

Sounds great to me the flavor profiles are nice. I’m expecting a decent Dense vapor since we’re talking about fog here .😀
Package is outstanding. The white and black bottles look great. The logo and information is fully clear. It’s the best sample kit “looks” wise that I’ve ever received.

Sample pack for $49.99(6 flavors)

Certain flavor you like,want to try, want more of you can order each.

15ml for $9.99

30ml for 17.99

Ratio: 20pg/80vg

Nicotine: 0mg,2mg,4mg

Flavor 1 Zero Visibility 

Get lost in this mesmerizing twist of ripe strawberries and subtle lime overtones from our Into the Fog line of vape e-liquids.”

Alright let’s fire up the dripper and get started! First flavor is Zero visibility. On inhale you get the a strong strawberry taste. On exhale some lime flavor hits you and than more strawberry. For a vape company with fog in its name clouds are nice and dense. For me this is an all day vape! I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 2 Night Mist

Sweet wild blueberries layered in creamy custard, finished with seductive hints of vanilla.”

Second flavor on the list is Night mist. Who doesn’t love a blue berry in a yogurt/custard type of flavor? In the real world I love berry yogurts. On inhale you get a slight blueberry flavor. On exhale you get a nice creamy yogurt/custard flavor. This mix is perfect not overly tart, not too sweet just right. This is an all day vape. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 3 Evening moon 

Ripe melons and cucumbers paired with zesty lemon-lime give way to this pleasantly refreshing flavor.”

Flavor 3 is evening moon. I love melon, cucumbers curious how the lime ties it in the end. Let’s find out, on inhale you get a pretty large dose of melon. On exhale is where you get cucumber flavor and a lemon/lime tart flavor. It’s a pretty weird mesh, but it’s not bad. I don’t think this would be an all day vape, maybe every now and than. I love fruity melon flavors and I’ve been shocked by the others I’ve tried with a tart ending and liked.  I’ll rate 7/10.

Flavor 4 Apparition

An irresistible mix of apples, strawberries and peaches woven together with an exotic touch of dragonfruit that is sure to ravish your palate.”

Flavor 4 is called Apparition. I’m extremely excited about this. I love exotic fruit vapes. This flavor on inhale is giving your taste buds a sweet strawberry flavor having a hard time tasting the apple over the strawberry. On exhale you get peach dragonfruit mix, I love this flavor. It’s a nice exotic fruit flavor that is an all day vape. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 5 Enchant

Vape the Rainbow” with this myriad of savory fruit flavors that collide to create a truly unique taste reminiscent of every candy lover’s dream
Flavor 5 is called Enchant. This is a pretty common flavor profile. Many companies have a skittles type flavor. Let’s try it out. On inhale and inhale you get that mix of fruit from skittles candy. It’s pretty sweet right up my alley to fill my sweet tooth void. I’ll rate this a 8/10 extremely close to an all day vape, but I feel like the sweetness would end up being overkill all day.

Flavor 6 Pure haze

An enticing blend of wild grape nectar delicately infused with lusciously fresh watermelons.”

Last flavor we are testing is called Pure haze. I love, watermelon and grapes. I have yet to try a profile of the 2 flavors together. On inhale you get a nice sweet grape flavor that’s wonderful. On exhale you get the watermelon hitting with more grape. Woah! I LOVE this. I’m going to rate this 9/10 all day vape for me hands down!

Final thoughts 

The liquid line Into the Fog was amazing for me. From the moment I got the package I was blown way. They have a beautiful box setup. Ive never seen another line/sample with this type of packaging. The company also included a letter from the owner. This company is for their customer 100%. The flavors were great, all day vapes. Their price of $50.00 is well worth it, for the liquid or to just show this off. Please contact them and order! You will not be disappointed.

Reach them their website


Twitter @GlobalVaporMfg

Facebook @globalvapor

Robert Vaughn 7/31/16

What are you waiting for GO get some!


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