Zion-Vape Liquid Review

Zion-Vape is a company from Yukon,OK. They sent me 5 flavors to review. Also included 2 nice vape bands. Their research and dedication allows them to now bring premium vape juice to fellow vapers for half the price as the local vape shops. They have a total of 11 flavors! 
Their juice’s come in 100ml bottles 

The price is $20, they also offer sample packs for $20 as well

nicotine 0mg,3,mg,6,mg,9mg,12mg,18mg,24mg 

VG/PG ratios: 50/50,60/40,70/30 and Max VG

Flavor 1 Morpheus

Morpheus is a custard blend with a note of cinnamon and a graham finish

 Alright let’s dig into flavor one Morpheus. On inhale you get a wonderful custard taste. On exhale to finish our vape you get a Graham/cinnamon taste. This is a beautiful mixture. I will rate this a 8/10

Flavor 2 Lady In Red 

Lady in Red is one of our most popular flavors. It is a yogurt base with a light berry blend and a vanilla finish.”

Second flavor is Lady in red. On inhale you get a delightful mix of yogurt and berries. On exhale you have a nice vanilla tone. To me this is an amazing flavor that’s an easy all day vape. I will rate this 9/10

Flavor 3 Agent Smith 

Agent Smith is a blend of a red energy drink with a touch of black cherry! ”

Flavor 3 is agent smith. To me this vape performs the same on inhale and exhale. You get a wonderful redbull/soda type of taste. I personally love Redbull. This is an amazing vape. My only complaint which is me being extremely picky, is it needs a tart end like a real Redbull. This is the best flavor I’ve found that comes closest to the actual a Redbull flavor. Easy all day vape 9/10

Flavor 4 The One

The One is a rich flavor with a creamy yogurt base, with a hint of blueberry and banana.”

 Flavor 4 is The one. This vape is a wonderful mesh of a delicious blueberry and banana yogurt. I personally love these yogurts in the real world separately and the mix is perfect. This flavor is a perfect all day vape. That’s 3/5 already. I’ll rate this a 9/10.

Flavor 5 Cypher 

Cypher is a sour candy flavor. It is a blend of your favorite fruit drop candy with a touch of sour to enhance to flavor. Provides a smooth and flavorful Vape.”

Flavor 5 Cypher. This is another vape that performs the same on inhale and exhale. It’s a great refreshing sour candy flavor, not over powering, but just enough punch. For me I love sour candy, not extremely strong but just enough is perfect for me. This vape fits the description perfectly. To me this is another all day vape, some people may not enjoy the sourness. I’ll rate this a 9/10 and The 4th all day vape out of 5.

Final thoughts Zion-vapes has some awesome flavors! They really offer premium liquid at a very low cost! Only trying 5 out of 11 makes me want to try the others even more! 5 flavor tested and 4 all day vapes, that’s incredible. It’s simple after you read this you need to go visit their site an order at least a sample pack to try these delicious flavors! Thank you for the opportunity to review some of your beautiful line!

Robert Vaughn 7/27/16

Visit Zion-Vapes at their website https://www.zion-vape.com

Also at 
Twitter @zionvape16

Facebook @zionvape

What are you waiting for GO get some!


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