Thirsty coils Liquid Review

Thirstycoils is a small company based in Kissimmee, Florida. “We have only been in business for two years and mainly deal with e-juice.Our company’s aim is to give our customers an unbeatable shopping experience when they shop with us.” They sent me 2 flavors to review because they were low on stock, which means to me these are going to be good! All USA ingredients!

They have over 20 flavors!

They also offer sample packs!

Their liquids come in 30ml plastic clear bottles.

Price for a 30ml bottle is $15.99 

Nicotine levels 0-6mg


Thirsty coils asked me to write the device I was testing with for better feedback. Reviewing their liquids I used my smok knight kit with helmet tank with a .6 Clapton coil at 40-60watts I had it at 60 but I’m getting better flavor at 45 watts. 

Flavor 1 Baja Blast

If you love Mountain Dew’s Baja Blast, you are sure to love this amazing e-juice from Thirsty Coils, which captures its particular combination of the classical soda with tropical lime to perfection

Alright let’s start with flavor one Baja Blast. Many people know this name from the drink! It’s an awesome special flavor that many people love. On inhale you get the perfect blend and taste of Baja blast. On exhale there is the lime flavor hitting your taste buds! If you love the drink you will love this liquid! All day vape for me easy. I will rate this flavor a 9/10.

Flavor 2 Tasty Rainbow 
Invigorate your senses with bursts of grape, orange, lemon, fruit punch and lime. This rainbow candy e-liquid will definitely leave your sweet tooth satisfied

Alright next I will be testing their second flavor, Tasty Rainbows. From the describion this sounds right up my alley and a potential for another all day vape! On inhale and exhale you get a lovely mixture of flavors very similar to the candy. It’s a beautiful tasting vape not overly powerful and just right. There really isn’t much to say if you like the candy this is an all day vape! I’ll rate this 9/10

Final thoughts while I’ve only tried 2 out of their many flavors I can only image what they taste like. 2 for 2 with all day vapes. Their frozen line looks amazing. They have an awesome selection, great liquid at a great price, great customer service. It’s a pleasure to be reviewing companies with extremely great products! Hope they consider me in the future for other reviews if needed thanks!

Robert Vaughn 7/26/16

Visit them at their website

Also on

Twitter @thirsrycoils

Instagram @thirsycoils


What are you waiting for go get some!


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