Sad Panda Vape Review

Sad Panda is a E-liquid company based out of San Marcos Texas. They sent their full line 4 flavors to review. They sent a nice thank you card, flavor menu, as well as 2 wirst bands. My two young daughters took them before I got the package fully open. This shows me they have great customer care and service!
They strive to create a liquid that could be vaped all day. They use flavors extracted from real ingredients.Sounds good to me!

All of Sad Panda Vapes E-liquids come in child proof 30ml glass bottles. The label is very clear with the Sad Panda logo. They also have warnings, and the nicotine mg, as most liquids do now.

Options: Available nicotine levels are 0, 3, and 6mg. 
All of Sad Pandas e-liquids are 70VG/30PG. 

The price is for a 30ml bottle is $15.99.

Flavor 1 Early morning

A light mix of granola, oats and tart berries on the inhale with a smooth finish of sweetened almond milk on the exhale.  A well balanced recipe, great at any time of the day.”

Alright let’s get vaping! First up is the flavor Early morning. On inhale I get a granola type taste with berries as well. The exhale brings an extremely nice creamy taste. The cream is slightly sweet just enough to finish the vape out. It’s a mixture that works perfectly together. In my book it’s clearly an all day vape! I’ll rate this flavor a 9/10

Flavor 2 Last course 

Traditional tres leches cake infused with macerated strawberries and a hint of fresh lemon juice.  The perfect blend of sweet, sour and savory.”  

The second flavor I’m testing is Last course. On inhale I get a sweet, cream mixed with a cake type taste. I also seem to taste little strawberry, but very it’s very very light. On exhale the lemon taste is nice and a perfect way to end the vape. This is the second liquid I’ve tried with a lemon ending and it’s really nice! This is a lovely flavor has all day vape potential. I’ll rate this flavor a 8/10

Flavor 3 Evening Brew

An earthy blend of green tea balanced with vanilla gelato, finished with a dash of honey.  A mellow yet robust flavor.”

If you’ve been following my reviews, you know I’m not a big tea fan. With reviewing its fine as long as a mushroom flavor hasn’t been created. That would never get done by me! Alright let’s dig in!Evening Brew on inhale you get the tea flavor first then you get a vanilla type taste. Isn’t bad, but clearly not my “cup of tea” 😉 On exhale you get a nice honey flavor. I’ll rate this flavor a 7/10. Tea lovers this could possibly be an all day vape, but I can’t claim that for myself.

Flavor 4 After Hours

Tangy watermelon punch swirls together with marshmallows and Tahitian vanilla to create a refreshing flavor reminiscent of an ice cream float.”

Final flavor is After Hours. On inhale you get a taste of watermelon,vanilla and marshmallow. They all mash up to a pretty delicious flavor! Watermelon stands very strong through the vape. All the flavors come together into a wonderful combination. This is easily my favorite flavor! It’s an all day vape for me! I’ll rate this a 9/10 

Final thoughts, Sad Panda E-liquids are all outstanding even the tea lol. The liquids are priced great, great flavor, all day vapes. Customer service is awesome! Honestly what more can you ask for? Everyone needs to go out and pick these up!

You can reach them at:


They are also on 

Facebook @sadpandavape

Twitter @Sadpandavape

Instagram @Safpandavape
What are you waiting for go get some!

Robert Vaughn 7/26/16


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