Devils Blend Vape Review

Devils blend is hand man E-liquid company based in southern California. They hold very high standards for their E-liquid. “The market is flooded with cheap e juices, but the selection of products created using the precision standards of Devil’s Blend is extremely limited. We are proud to bring premium quality products to you, the responsible vape user.” They are bringing premium liquids using USA ingredients. Currently they only offer 3 flavors but will be releasing more in the future!

Bottles are marked with warnings and ingredients, with child proof locks.
You can choose 30ml for $19.95 or 120ml for $59.95
Ratio 30pg/70vg

Nicotine 0,3,6mg

Melon Madness

Watermelon, Honeydew, Cantaloupe and a kiss of Mango”

Alright let’s try this liquid out! On inhale and exhale you get a nice blend of melon. It’s not very sweet, I would prefer it to be sweeter, but that’s just me. Overall it’s a all day vape. Im almost half way through the bottle now. I will rate this a 8/10

Final thoughts on Devils Blend. This is a small company in a sea of countless E-liquid products. They are producing a top notch product. I’ve only reviewed one of the 3 flavors and I would bet the other 2 are just as great! This company has tons of room to grow. I hope they continue to stick with their guns and keep producing quality liquid. Their customer service is fast and great. Extremely fast shipping! I hope to try more as they continue to grow!

Robert Vaughn 7/26/16

You can reach DevilsBlend at their website

Also on

Twitter @devilsblendvape

Instagram @devilsblendvape


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