Caterpillar E-Juice Review 

Caterpillar E-Juice is a company based out of Orange County California. The Theme for their liquid/juice line is inspiration of Alice in Wonderland. The company started in 2012, and strives to create flavors that will help smokers finally quit with USA-made ingredients.

Their liquids are available from 15ml to 120ml. Anything over 30ml is shipped in 30ml bottles.

60ml = 2x30ml bottles

Nicotine 0-24mg

Prices range from $11.99 to $70 

Here are the names that they sent me to review. Mad H, Off With Her Head, Chai Tea Party, Unbirthday cake, Wondergrahams. They offer a total of 11 flavors. Make sure to check the rest out! I know I will! As always I test liquids in my perferd nicotine mg for a real world test.

Flavor 1 Mad H

“Our mystery flavor”

 Alright lets start this off. The first flavor I’m testing is Mad H. On inhale you get a nice fruit mixture of strawberries/possibly raspberries. I’m a huge fan of fruits if you’ve been following my reviews. So this is right up my alley. On exhale you get a slight melon flavor. To me this is an easy all day vape without a doubt! I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 2 Off with Her Head

“Caterpillar juice’s personal favorite, Off with Her Head, is similar to a green hard candy”

The second flavor I’m testing is Off with her head. On Inhale and exhale you get a pleasant taste of green apple that’s slightly sweet and sour. The flavor isn’t super sour like you’d expect from a Jolly ranchers. This is a beautiful flavor I believe many would enjoy! I’ll rate this a 8/10, some may find this an all day vape, it’s good!

Flavor 3 Chai Tea Party

The name, Chai Tea Party, is self-explanatory; it tastes just like a delicious chai tea latte.

The third flavor I’m testing is Chai tea party. To be honest I’m not a tea fan. The fact that these were sent to me will not change my views. Alright let’s test! On inhale you taste a nice light chai tea, weird for me to say, but it’s good. On exhale you taste a light coffee/latte flavor. To me this would be perfect to vape with your morning coffee. I’ll rate this at a 7/10 some may enjoy this more if your into tea!

Flavor 4 Unbirthday cake
You are in for a special treat when you try our newest flavor, Unbirthday Cake.  Just like a creamy, lemon cheesecake

The fourth flavor I’m testing is Unbirthday cake. On inhale you get a beautiful creamy cheesecake taste. It’s wonderful, on exhale you get a nice slight lemon flavor. The flavors mess extremely well. To me this is another all day vape. If you love cheesecake you will love this! I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 5 Wondergrahams 

“Wondergrahams is delicious Cinnamon Teddy Graham flavor that tastes just like the real thing”

The fifth and final flavor I’ll be testing is Wondergrahams. On inhale and exhale you get a wonderful honey type cinnamon flavor. It exactly matches their description of a cinnamon teddy graham. It’s not over powerful and is just right! Very nice dessert type of flavor! I’ll rate this a 8/10

Caterpillar E Juice has some amazing things going on. All day vapes on many flavors I reviewed. Their flavors are different and great! I love the Alice in Wonderland theme. So far since I’ve picked reviewing back up this has been my favorite brand so far! You guys really need to try this out!

You can reach them on their website at

Or other social media at 

Twitter @caterpillarej

Instagram @caterpillarejuice

What are you waiting for go buy some!

Robert Vaughn 7/26/16


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