Venom Vapor Review 

Hello vapers! This is my new review on the company Venom vapor based out of Blue springs Missouri. They offer a nice selection of flavors. They pride themselves on offering wholesale prices. They also are 99% organic liquid company! So if your against artifical sweetner, you will like this even more.

$3.99 for 10ml 11.99 for 30ml $17.99 for 60ml and finally $29.99 for 130ml. 

All of their liquids come in 50/50,70/30 or max VG. Their Nicotine content ranges from 0,1.5,3,6. I will be reviewing at 50/50 at 6mg. I try not to review at 0 because I like a real world approach to the review process.

Flavor 1 Venom Julius v2 

tasty orange creaminess, cooled down by ice cream” 

The first flavor I’m testing out  is Julius v2. This flavor is a sweet orange and cream in which you get on inhale and exhale. The vape has a nice overall flavor. One thing I do have to mention is it’s a little strong on the citrus side. Some may enjoy that, I personally think it’s a bit too strong. Orange and cream is a tough flavor to get perfect from all my testing. This one is up there with some of the best even though it’s strong on the citrus side. I’ll rate this a 7/10.

Flavor 2 Berry dream 

refreshing bite of mixed fruit” 

The second flavor is Berry dream. This flavor is a blend of mixed fruit. Performs the same on inhale and exhale. You can tell it’s a nice blend because not one flavor sticks out. It’s a very good fruit flavor not very sweet though. Me personally would have rated it slightly higher if it was just a tad sweeter. People will enjoy this because it’s consistent on inhale and exhale. I will rate this a 7/10.

Flavor 3 Pear-adise 

“A perfect blend of assorted fruits and pears!”

Next flavor I will test is Pear-adise. This flavor is excellent on so many levels. The fruits on inhale and exhale are powerful yet not overpowering. Pear is nicely the “loudest” flavor by far. I image my self on the beach just vaping away as the sun hits me and the waves crash! This is an all day vape plain and simple. I will rate this flavor a 9/10

Flavor 4 Summer splash

“The perfect summer time vape! Cool refreshing watermelons and a breath of fresh pealed lemons.”

Next we move on to Summer Splash. I had some prior concerns with the lemon flavor. On inhale you get a wonderful watermelon flavor. On exhale you get a nice lemon tart flavor. To be honest I didn’t feel like they could possibly mesh well. It’s delicious, this is on the sweeter side which I prefer. The flavor is a little tart at the end, which ends the vape on a beautiful note. It’s a perfect mixture of sweet and tart all in the same vape. Again Venom Vapor with an all day vape! That’s 2/5 so far! I will rate this flavor a 9/10

Flavor 5 Sunrise:

Imagine waking up on the beach of your dreams, you grab your new favorite ejuice, and vape on delicious strawberry, watermelon, and a hint of coconut in a refreshing flavor you’ve been lusting for.”

Last flavor I’m reviewing, could it be another all day vape? Alright let’s test out the flavor Sunrise. To me on inhale you get the same fruit blend from the berry dream flavor. It’s a very pleasant inhale. On exhale you will find a slight coconut flavor. This is another nice smash up of flavors. Not very sweet or over powerful, just very pleasant taste. For some this could be an all day vape, for me it’s just a little lacking in the wow factor. I will rate this flavor a 7/10

Venom vapor is a great company, their customer service was on point with fast shipping! While I only tested 5 flavors they do have others. They have a few new flavors that will be coming out shortly. With getting all day vapes at these prices it’s simple you have to buy them! You can reach them at their website  Or Facebook and Twitter under @vemonvaperfluid 

What are you waiting for go get some!

Robert Vaughn 7/24/16


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