Islander E-liquid review

Hello vapors! Welcome to my new blog for vape related reviews. My first review will be coming from Islander E-liquid.

The fact they went above and beyond to send me a shirt and sunglasses tells me they are all about customers!

I was sent all three flavors directly from Islander E-liquid. The fact they were sent will not change my views on the product. All Islander E-Liquids are made in the USA. The e-liquids are sent in blue glass bottles with child proof tops.  The label art and logo for Islander is nice. The labels have the ingredients, warnings, purchase age, bottle size and nicotine level on them. Islander E-Liquids are 70VG/30PG and available nicotine levels are 0, 3, 6, and 12mg. I’m going to be testing 12mg. Pricing for a 30ml bottle is a very reasonable $15.

You can reach them at their web site Islandereliquids Please follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay up to date. Now on to the fun part, the reviews!

Flavor one Hula Girl

Hula Girl is a very nice tropical drink flavor. First open and it smells amazing. On inhale I get a banana, coconut and cream flavor. On exhale is a sweet cream flavor. The cream is there throughout the whole vape. I think that really sets this flavor up for success. This is a sweet flavor, which I personally enjoy the best. I think Hula Girl is an awesome flavor I will rate it 8/10

Flavor 2 Beach Bum

Beach Bum at first reminded me of a drink I had on vacation this year. The drink was a special mixture from the resort. The drink was called “Lava flow” which I had many of 😀.                   The only difference is the pomegranate taste. I personally do not care for the taste or pomegranate. Please note I’m not being bias on my reviews because they were sent to me. I will give a full true review. On inhale, I got berry and pomegranate mixture. On Exhale brings the flavor pineapple. The pineapple has a bite to it that balances out the sweetness of the inhale. Note I am using the 12mg version and felt a decent throat hit. I think it would be a lot less if the nicotine level was down more. As I stated earlier I’m not fond of pomegranate. Getting past that I’ll rate Beach Bum a 7/10.

Flavor 3 Sun Seeker 
I saved the best for last! Sun Seeker is a beautiful sweet flavor. On inhale I get a mixture of melon flavors and slight citrus. This flavor is extremely well-balanced. Personally there isn’t a whole lot to say. This flavor mixture is perfect. This is an all day vape, and I don’t want to stop! I’ll rate Sun Seeker a 9/10!

Out of the three, Sun seeker was my favorite, then Hula girl and Beach Bum(only for the pomegranate)

My final thoughts, The quality of the e-liquids is excellent. This company is top notch, the price is fair. The company name matchs perfectly to the flavors they produce. What are you waiting for go get some!
Robert Vaughn 7/22/16


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