Into The Fog Liquid Review

First impression WOW I just received this wonderful sample pack from Into the Fog. I’m completely shocked how well this product is packaged. I’ve never seen another sample kit close to this. Let’s get some information about the company.”This flavor is manufactured in the USA by Global Vapor Manufacturing (Global Vapor Supply LLC) using the finest E Liquid ingredients.E-Liquid is comprised of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Flavorings and may contain nicotine. With 80% VG, Into the Fog is a dripping liquid that produces maximum vapor clouds with a mellow throat hit. Our quality commitment – unlike other suppliers, Global Vapor Supply makes all our vaping e-liquids entirely from US made ingredients. The e-liquids are Kosher and made only from food grade ingredients.”

Sounds great to me the flavor profiles are nice. I’m expecting a decent Dense vapor since we’re talking about fog here .😀
Package is outstanding. The white and black bottles look great. The logo and information is fully clear. It’s the best sample kit “looks” wise that I’ve ever received.

Sample pack for $49.99(6 flavors)

Certain flavor you like,want to try, want more of you can order each.

15ml for $9.99

30ml for 17.99

Ratio: 20pg/80vg

Nicotine: 0mg,2mg,4mg

Flavor 1 Zero Visibility 

Get lost in this mesmerizing twist of ripe strawberries and subtle lime overtones from our Into the Fog line of vape e-liquids.”

Alright let’s fire up the dripper and get started! First flavor is Zero visibility. On inhale you get the a strong strawberry taste. On exhale some lime flavor hits you and than more strawberry. For a vape company with fog in its name clouds are nice and dense. For me this is an all day vape! I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 2 Night Mist

Sweet wild blueberries layered in creamy custard, finished with seductive hints of vanilla.”

Second flavor on the list is Night mist. Who doesn’t love a blue berry in a yogurt/custard type of flavor? In the real world I love berry yogurts. On inhale you get a slight blueberry flavor. On exhale you get a nice creamy yogurt/custard flavor. This mix is perfect not overly tart, not too sweet just right. This is an all day vape. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 3 Evening moon 

Ripe melons and cucumbers paired with zesty lemon-lime give way to this pleasantly refreshing flavor.”

Flavor 3 is evening moon. I love melon, cucumbers curious how the lime ties it in the end. Let’s find out, on inhale you get a pretty large dose of melon. On exhale is where you get cucumber flavor and a lemon/lime tart flavor. It’s a pretty weird mesh, but it’s not bad. I don’t think this would be an all day vape, maybe every now and than. I love fruity melon flavors and I’ve been shocked by the others I’ve tried with a tart ending and liked.  I’ll rate 7/10.

Flavor 4 Apparition

An irresistible mix of apples, strawberries and peaches woven together with an exotic touch of dragonfruit that is sure to ravish your palate.”

Flavor 4 is called Apparition. I’m extremely excited about this. I love exotic fruit vapes. This flavor on inhale is giving your taste buds a sweet strawberry flavor having a hard time tasting the apple over the strawberry. On exhale you get peach dragonfruit mix, I love this flavor. It’s a nice exotic fruit flavor that is an all day vape. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 5 Enchant

Vape the Rainbow” with this myriad of savory fruit flavors that collide to create a truly unique taste reminiscent of every candy lover’s dream
Flavor 5 is called Enchant. This is a pretty common flavor profile. Many companies have a skittles type flavor. Let’s try it out. On inhale and inhale you get that mix of fruit from skittles candy. It’s pretty sweet right up my alley to fill my sweet tooth void. I’ll rate this a 8/10 extremely close to an all day vape, but I feel like the sweetness would end up being overkill all day.

Flavor 6 Pure haze

An enticing blend of wild grape nectar delicately infused with lusciously fresh watermelons.”

Last flavor we are testing is called Pure haze. I love, watermelon and grapes. I have yet to try a profile of the 2 flavors together. On inhale you get a nice sweet grape flavor that’s wonderful. On exhale you get the watermelon hitting with more grape. Woah! I LOVE this. I’m going to rate this 9/10 all day vape for me hands down!

Final thoughts 

The liquid line Into the Fog was amazing for me. From the moment I got the package I was blown way. They have a beautiful box setup. Ive never seen another line/sample with this type of packaging. The company also included a letter from the owner. This company is for their customer 100%. The flavors were great, all day vapes. Their price of $50.00 is well worth it, for the liquid or to just show this off. Please contact them and order! You will not be disappointed.

Reach them their website


Twitter @GlobalVaporMfg

Facebook @globalvapor

Robert Vaughn 7/31/16

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Crystal Canyon Vapes Liquid Review 

Crystal Canyon Vapes sent me 2 flavors to try out of their line. Crystal Canyon Vapes is located in Queen Creek, Arizona. The company is a family owned and operated business. They do focus and strive to have the highest quality products and customer service. “All of their eliquid products are blended, prepared and bottled in a sterile and professional environment. We take every precaution to ensure our eliquids meet the highest quality and safety standards.” All ingredients are USA made. They offer a ton of flavors which you can order in bottles. Or they have an few different sample packs you can try. You can also add flavor shots. Very many options I will say.
5ml plastic $3.75

15ml glass $9.99

30ml glass $16.99

60ml glass $30.99

120ml glass $57.99 

Nicotine 0-24mg

Ratio 70/30,50/50,30/70, max vg 

Flavor 1 islander

Sweet tangy pineapple blended with creamy coconut make up this tropical island blend. Similar to a Pina Colada but with a twist

Alright let’s vape the first flavor Islander. All around this is a great vape you get pineapple, coconut and the bananas! It reminds of a nice cool drink at the beach on vacation. It’s very similar to the company I reviewed Islander. They only difference is the nice touch of banana. Clearly an all day vape. I’ll rate this a 9/10

Flavor 2 After Dark 

After Dark is a blend of a slightly sweet, creamy Butter Rum and rich Caramel that gives you a smooth buttery rum flavor!”

The second and final flavor I’ll be testing is called After Dark. On inhale your getting a beautiful butter rum. On exhale you will find a nice mesh of nuts and caramel. The whole experience is not overpowering. It’s not overly sweet. This is a perfect all day vape that I will rate a 9/10. Thru nailed the description.

Final thoughts 

Crystal Canyon vapes is a stellar company. Great customer service! Fast shipping! Tons of flavor choices and options! Great price point. The 2 flavors I had the honor of tasting were all day vapes, I’m sure they have a ton more to offer. You simply can’t go wrong with Crystal Canyon Vapes.

Robert Vaughn 7/27/16
Visit their website at             

On Twitter @ccvapes

Facebook @ccvapes

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Zion-Vape Liquid Review

Zion-Vape is a company from Yukon,OK. They sent me 5 flavors to review. Also included 2 nice vape bands. Their research and dedication allows them to now bring premium vape juice to fellow vapers for half the price as the local vape shops. They have a total of 11 flavors! 
Their juice’s come in 100ml bottles 

The price is $20, they also offer sample packs for $20 as well

nicotine 0mg,3,mg,6,mg,9mg,12mg,18mg,24mg 

VG/PG ratios: 50/50,60/40,70/30 and Max VG

Flavor 1 Morpheus

Morpheus is a custard blend with a note of cinnamon and a graham finish

 Alright let’s dig into flavor one Morpheus. On inhale you get a wonderful custard taste. On exhale to finish our vape you get a Graham/cinnamon taste. This is a beautiful mixture. I will rate this a 8/10

Flavor 2 Lady In Red 

Lady in Red is one of our most popular flavors. It is a yogurt base with a light berry blend and a vanilla finish.”

Second flavor is Lady in red. On inhale you get a delightful mix of yogurt and berries. On exhale you have a nice vanilla tone. To me this is an amazing flavor that’s an easy all day vape. I will rate this 9/10

Flavor 3 Agent Smith 

Agent Smith is a blend of a red energy drink with a touch of black cherry! ”

Flavor 3 is agent smith. To me this vape performs the same on inhale and exhale. You get a wonderful redbull/soda type of taste. I personally love Redbull. This is an amazing vape. My only complaint which is me being extremely picky, is it needs a tart end like a real Redbull. This is the best flavor I’ve found that comes closest to the actual a Redbull flavor. Easy all day vape 9/10

Flavor 4 The One

The One is a rich flavor with a creamy yogurt base, with a hint of blueberry and banana.”

 Flavor 4 is The one. This vape is a wonderful mesh of a delicious blueberry and banana yogurt. I personally love these yogurts in the real world separately and the mix is perfect. This flavor is a perfect all day vape. That’s 3/5 already. I’ll rate this a 9/10.

Flavor 5 Cypher 

Cypher is a sour candy flavor. It is a blend of your favorite fruit drop candy with a touch of sour to enhance to flavor. Provides a smooth and flavorful Vape.”

Flavor 5 Cypher. This is another vape that performs the same on inhale and exhale. It’s a great refreshing sour candy flavor, not over powering, but just enough punch. For me I love sour candy, not extremely strong but just enough is perfect for me. This vape fits the description perfectly. To me this is another all day vape, some people may not enjoy the sourness. I’ll rate this a 9/10 and The 4th all day vape out of 5.

Final thoughts Zion-vapes has some awesome flavors! They really offer premium liquid at a very low cost! Only trying 5 out of 11 makes me want to try the others even more! 5 flavor tested and 4 all day vapes, that’s incredible. It’s simple after you read this you need to go visit their site an order at least a sample pack to try these delicious flavors! Thank you for the opportunity to review some of your beautiful line!

Robert Vaughn 7/27/16

Visit Zion-Vapes at their website

Also at 
Twitter @zionvape16

Facebook @zionvape

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Devils Blend Vape Review

Devils blend is hand man E-liquid company based in southern California. They hold very high standards for their E-liquid. “The market is flooded with cheap e juices, but the selection of products created using the precision standards of Devil’s Blend is extremely limited. We are proud to bring premium quality products to you, the responsible vape user.” They are bringing premium liquids using USA ingredients. Currently they only offer 3 flavors but will be releasing more in the future!

Bottles are marked with warnings and ingredients, with child proof locks.
You can choose 30ml for $19.95 or 120ml for $59.95
Ratio 30pg/70vg

Nicotine 0,3,6mg

Melon Madness

Watermelon, Honeydew, Cantaloupe and a kiss of Mango”

Alright let’s try this liquid out! On inhale and exhale you get a nice blend of melon. It’s not very sweet, I would prefer it to be sweeter, but that’s just me. Overall it’s a all day vape. Im almost half way through the bottle now. I will rate this a 8/10

Final thoughts on Devils Blend. This is a small company in a sea of countless E-liquid products. They are producing a top notch product. I’ve only reviewed one of the 3 flavors and I would bet the other 2 are just as great! This company has tons of room to grow. I hope they continue to stick with their guns and keep producing quality liquid. Their customer service is fast and great. Extremely fast shipping! I hope to try more as they continue to grow!

Robert Vaughn 7/26/16

You can reach DevilsBlend at their website

Also on

Twitter @devilsblendvape

Instagram @devilsblendvape


Thirsty coils Liquid Review

Thirstycoils is a small company based in Kissimmee, Florida. “We have only been in business for two years and mainly deal with e-juice.Our company’s aim is to give our customers an unbeatable shopping experience when they shop with us.” They sent me 2 flavors to review because they were low on stock, which means to me these are going to be good! All USA ingredients!

They have over 20 flavors!

They also offer sample packs!

Their liquids come in 30ml plastic clear bottles.

Price for a 30ml bottle is $15.99 

Nicotine levels 0-6mg


Thirsty coils asked me to write the device I was testing with for better feedback. Reviewing their liquids I used my smok knight kit with helmet tank with a .6 Clapton coil at 40-60watts I had it at 60 but I’m getting better flavor at 45 watts. 

Flavor 1 Baja Blast

If you love Mountain Dew’s Baja Blast, you are sure to love this amazing e-juice from Thirsty Coils, which captures its particular combination of the classical soda with tropical lime to perfection

Alright let’s start with flavor one Baja Blast. Many people know this name from the drink! It’s an awesome special flavor that many people love. On inhale you get the perfect blend and taste of Baja blast. On exhale there is the lime flavor hitting your taste buds! If you love the drink you will love this liquid! All day vape for me easy. I will rate this flavor a 9/10.

Flavor 2 Tasty Rainbow 
Invigorate your senses with bursts of grape, orange, lemon, fruit punch and lime. This rainbow candy e-liquid will definitely leave your sweet tooth satisfied

Alright next I will be testing their second flavor, Tasty Rainbows. From the describion this sounds right up my alley and a potential for another all day vape! On inhale and exhale you get a lovely mixture of flavors very similar to the candy. It’s a beautiful tasting vape not overly powerful and just right. There really isn’t much to say if you like the candy this is an all day vape! I’ll rate this 9/10

Final thoughts while I’ve only tried 2 out of their many flavors I can only image what they taste like. 2 for 2 with all day vapes. Their frozen line looks amazing. They have an awesome selection, great liquid at a great price, great customer service. It’s a pleasure to be reviewing companies with extremely great products! Hope they consider me in the future for other reviews if needed thanks!

Robert Vaughn 7/26/16

Visit them at their website

Also on

Twitter @thirsrycoils

Instagram @thirsycoils


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Sad Panda Vape Review

Sad Panda is a E-liquid company based out of San Marcos Texas. They sent their full line 4 flavors to review. They sent a nice thank you card, flavor menu, as well as 2 wirst bands. My two young daughters took them before I got the package fully open. This shows me they have great customer care and service!
They strive to create a liquid that could be vaped all day. They use flavors extracted from real ingredients.Sounds good to me!

All of Sad Panda Vapes E-liquids come in child proof 30ml glass bottles. The label is very clear with the Sad Panda logo. They also have warnings, and the nicotine mg, as most liquids do now.

Options: Available nicotine levels are 0, 3, and 6mg. 
All of Sad Pandas e-liquids are 70VG/30PG. 

The price is for a 30ml bottle is $15.99.

Flavor 1 Early morning

A light mix of granola, oats and tart berries on the inhale with a smooth finish of sweetened almond milk on the exhale.  A well balanced recipe, great at any time of the day.”

Alright let’s get vaping! First up is the flavor Early morning. On inhale I get a granola type taste with berries as well. The exhale brings an extremely nice creamy taste. The cream is slightly sweet just enough to finish the vape out. It’s a mixture that works perfectly together. In my book it’s clearly an all day vape! I’ll rate this flavor a 9/10

Flavor 2 Last course 

Traditional tres leches cake infused with macerated strawberries and a hint of fresh lemon juice.  The perfect blend of sweet, sour and savory.”  

The second flavor I’m testing is Last course. On inhale I get a sweet, cream mixed with a cake type taste. I also seem to taste little strawberry, but very it’s very very light. On exhale the lemon taste is nice and a perfect way to end the vape. This is the second liquid I’ve tried with a lemon ending and it’s really nice! This is a lovely flavor has all day vape potential. I’ll rate this flavor a 8/10

Flavor 3 Evening Brew

An earthy blend of green tea balanced with vanilla gelato, finished with a dash of honey.  A mellow yet robust flavor.”

If you’ve been following my reviews, you know I’m not a big tea fan. With reviewing its fine as long as a mushroom flavor hasn’t been created. That would never get done by me! Alright let’s dig in!Evening Brew on inhale you get the tea flavor first then you get a vanilla type taste. Isn’t bad, but clearly not my “cup of tea” 😉 On exhale you get a nice honey flavor. I’ll rate this flavor a 7/10. Tea lovers this could possibly be an all day vape, but I can’t claim that for myself.

Flavor 4 After Hours

Tangy watermelon punch swirls together with marshmallows and Tahitian vanilla to create a refreshing flavor reminiscent of an ice cream float.”

Final flavor is After Hours. On inhale you get a taste of watermelon,vanilla and marshmallow. They all mash up to a pretty delicious flavor! Watermelon stands very strong through the vape. All the flavors come together into a wonderful combination. This is easily my favorite flavor! It’s an all day vape for me! I’ll rate this a 9/10 

Final thoughts, Sad Panda E-liquids are all outstanding even the tea lol. The liquids are priced great, great flavor, all day vapes. Customer service is awesome! Honestly what more can you ask for? Everyone needs to go out and pick these up!

You can reach them at:


They are also on 

Facebook @sadpandavape

Twitter @Sadpandavape

Instagram @Safpandavape
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Robert Vaughn 7/26/16